So about a lifetime ago (and to be fair, a hamster lifetime) I posted about how to buy herbs and spices in bulk because it’s way the hell more affordable. If you’ve ever bought your spices this way, you may have encountered the situation where you just don’t know how much to buy. It’s hard to eyeball about how much basil would fill a jar, and then you introduce things like whole cloves into the equation and my eyes glaze over outright.

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What can I say, I’m not a geometry girl.

That in mind, I sat down last week and weighed out a reference for next time, lest my poor eyes once again endure the aforementioned abuse. The weights indicated pertain to the larger containers like these, except where indicated by (sm).


Spice and Herb Weights(serviceable quantities, approximately 1 average grocery store jar)

Allspice (sm)25 g0.88 oz
Alum (sm)53 g1.87 oz
Basil10 g0.35 oz
Bay Leavesg0 oz
Caraway Seed (sm)49 g1.73 oz
Cayenne Powder51 g1.8 oz
Chili Powder (Chipotle)56 g1.98 oz
Cinnamon (ground)42 g1.48 oz
Cinnamon Stick8 sticks g– oz
Cloves (ground, sm)25 g0.88 oz
Cloves (whole, sm)30 g1.06 oz
Coriander Seed26 g0.92 oz
Cream of Tartar74 g2.61 oz
Crushed Red Pepper37 g1.31 oz
Cumin Powder48 g1.69 oz
Dill Seed (sm)24 g0.85 oz
Fennel Seed44 g1.55 oz
Garlic Powder62 g2.19 oz
Marjoram Leaves (sm)5 g0.18 oz
Mustard Powder48 g1.69 oz
Mustard Seed (sm)39 g1.38 oz
Nutmeg (ground)51 g1.8 oz
Oregano14 g0.49 oz
Paprika44 g1.55 oz
Peppercorn, Black60 g2.12 oz
Poppy Seed60 g2.12 oz
Poultry Seasoning40 g1.41 oz
Sage (ground, sm)17 g0.6 oz
Sesame Seed51 g1.8 oz
Star Anise19 g0.67 oz
Thyme (sm)10 g0.35 oz

Happy weighing!