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Quaker Chewy Granola Bar, chocolate Chip, Snack Bars, 8 Bars Per box (Pack the 12 Boxes)(Packaging may vary)
Protein1 Grams
Item size LxWxH12.2 x 9.9 x 8.1 inches
Weight8.05 Pounds

About this itemIncludes 12 box of of 8 individually covering granola bars you have the right to enjoy in ~ home, at school, or on-the-go. 96 Bars TotalMade v delicious cacao chips and chewy toasted granolaWith no high-fructose corn syrup, this bars room a great-tasting and also wholesome snackPacked v 8 grams that 100% whole grains per barAt 100 calories every bar, they space a perfect snack for any type of occasion

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I gain sick of snacks really easily however these, I have never gotten sick of. They are just the right amount the chewiness and softness and also the chocolate flavor is always good. The little chocolate chips fall out as soon as you space eating them in your automobile though, which often left me with tiny melted chocolate spots in places, so it is in careful. Yet they are an extremely handy and the perfect size. These room much better than any type of of the various other flavors consisting of the peanut butter chip or the coco chunk, i m sorry have much more of a bitterness flavor for part reason.I don"t love the new packaging i beg your pardon is softer wrappers, the seems, which renders the bar it seems ~ softer come me, but I"m certain it"s simply me gift picky. I provided to order these by the situation from together handy snacks.
My kids would live on these if lock could. Ns am conscious that this isn"t necessarily the most healthy snack they could have, but it"s a act without providing them cookies and also the word "granola" attached come it provides me feel a bit far better even though logically it"s no much much better than providing them cookies. I"m sure I"m no the just one that feels this way. :)

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ns love the that ns am able to purchase only the cacao Chip kind, rather of having actually to purchase a combined bag that my youngsters will no eat. Lock are simply as an excellent as the one"s i buy at Fred Meyer; however, the price is much less and there appears to be no distinction in quality.Update 1: I have actually purchased several more boxes the these because that my children over a year+. Recently I have discovered that the quality has changed. The bars seem come break more often. Ns tried these the end at my neighborhood store and found the same thing... Lessened my 5 star to a 3.While this is not vital Quaker"s problem, when I have actually received orders native ns have found that the coco chips have turned white in many of the crate in the pack of 12. Ns contacted and they replaced it and they did offer a refund. If girlfriend are having the same problems and also purchased directly through, lock will more than likely replace/refund the product.