When to buy a screen arm, there’s a wide range of components to think about: number of monitors, mounting options, adjustments, budget, weight requirements, etc.

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Most the the time, maximum weight demands have an ext influence end a to buy decision since you desire to ensure that your monitor will be supported. However in fact, minimum weight needs are just as important.

The typical weight of contemporary computer monitors is much less than 10 lbs, and also most are around 5 lbs. (Unless of course you space using a TV screen as a monitor, which greatly changes the weight.) screens are coming to be sleeker and also thinner together they lose weight. Monitor arms, top top the other hand, can support a wide variety of display weights, some of the larger models as much as 60 lbs!

Often, if your monitor is also light, her workstation or monitor arm will repeatedly spring upward since it is no heavy sufficient to stay put. There are a pair ways to deal with this.


First, as soon as purchasing her monitor eight or workstation, look right into its minimum weight requirements, and cross recommendation with your monitor’s weight. Girlfriend will also want come make certain that you room checking the monitor load only, not the load of both monitor and stand, since you will certainly not be utilizing the stand v a workstation or monitor arm.

Next, you’ll want to study which monitor arm or workstation is finest for you. Ours handy perform of 5 inquiries to Ask prior to Buying a Monitor arm is a good place to start.

Once you’ve resolved on a workstation or arm, don’t be discouraged if you find that your monitor is too light. There’s constantly the opportunity of adding weigh

t to the arm or workstation to ensure the won’t spring up.

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ED-WGH65 is a weight the can add 2.6 or 6.5 lbs depending upon what friend need. It’s VESA compatible (100×100, 75×75), so it will work-related on a wide variety of various workstations and arms. Plus, that looks professional enough that no one will suspect the wasn’t component of the workstation or arm to begin with.

Have you included weight to her monitor eight or workstation to make it heavier? allow us recognize in the comments!