Refueling a race car is a tricky and also sometimes dangerous business. Because that the many part, the car is refueled during pit stop lasting 15 secs or less. This gives little room for error and requires the use of dedicated equipment draft to do fueling a race car quick, safe, and also efficient. As of the 2010 gyeongju season, refueling is no longer permitted during a Formula 1 race, despite Indycar and the national Association because that Stock automobile Auto racing (NASCAR) do enable refueling during their compete races.

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Method 1 the 2: Refueling the NASCAR way

Materials Needed

Fire-protective clothingFuel canFuel record can

NASCAR offers a fuel can form known as a dump deserve to to refuel its vehicles on a pit stop. The dump deserve to is designed to release the fuel that holds into the car within eight seconds. Each fuel deserve to holds 11 gallons, so that takes two complete cans to totally refuel a car. Weighing as much as 95 pounds once full, the crew member who handles refueling demands a large amount of strength to elevator the can into place.

Another crewmember, referred to as the catch can man, renders sure the capture can is in place to capture any kind of excess fuel and also keep that from spilling out during the refueling process. All of this usually takes location in 15 secs or less, definition everybody needs to carry out their task correctly in together fast and safe a path as possible to avoid any pit road penalties and to obtain the car back out on the track.


Step 1: utilizing the an initial can that fuel. As the driver pulls right into the pit stall and also comes come a stop, the crew rushes end the wall surface to business the car.

The gasman, with the very first can the fuel, philosophies the vehicle and also connects the fuel have the right to to the auto via the fuel harbor on the left behind of the car. The capture can man likewise positions the capture can under the overflow nozzle come capture any kind of overflowing fuel.

In the meantime, the tires crew is replacing the wheel on the appropriate side the the car.


Step 2: making use of the 2nd can that fuel. As the tires crew finishes replacing the best side tires, the gasman returns the very first can that fuel and also receives the second can that fuel.

As the crew transforms the left side tires, the gasman empties the 2nd can the fuel into the car. In addition, the record can male maintains his position with the record can until the refueling procedure is complete. If the car is acquiring right next tires only, climate the gasman just puts one have the right to of fuel in the car.


Step 3: perfect the refuel. The is just after the gasman has actually finished refueling the he signal the jack male who lowers the car, enabling the driver come reenter the race.

It is vital that the catch can man and the gasman remove all refueling equipment before the driver pipeline the pit stall. Otherwise, the driver needs to come in for a pit road penalty.

Method 2 that 2: Refueling the Indycar way

Materials Needed

Fire-protective gearFuel hose

Unlike a NASCAR pit stop, one Indycar is not refueled until after the crew has replaced every one of the tires. This is a safety and security issue, and since all chauffeurs must follow this procedure, it does not provide anyone an unfair advantage. In addition, filling up an Indycar fuel cabinet is a much faster process, taking only about 2.5 seconds at most.

Also, unequal a NASCAR pit stop, the Indycar crewman who handles refueling, dubbed a fueler, go not usage a gas can, yet instead connect a fuel hose into the harbor on the next of the car to allow fuel to flow into the car.


Step 1: Preparing because that the refuel. The pit crew transforms tires and also makes any type of necessary adjustments come the car.

This enables the pit crew to safely carry out their job without the added risk the refueling. The fueler prepares to come across the wall surface with the fuel water tap once whatever else is complete.


Step 2: Refueling the car. The fueler fits the specially designed nozzle into the port in the next of the gyeongju car.

Meanwhile, the fuel water tap assistant, additionally known together the deadman, operates a spring-loaded bar on the fuel tank. If any kind of problems are detected, they relax the lever, preventing the relax of fuel.

In addition to controlling the flow of fuel, the fuel hose assistant also helps the fueler store the fuel hose level come facilitate the faster release of fuel. The fuel hose assistant does not go over the pit wall.

Step 3: after ~ the refuel. Once the refueling procedure is over, the fueler release the fuel hose and also takes it back over the pit wall.

It is just after all devices is clear the the chief mechanic signals that it is okay for the driver to leave the pit area and reenter the track.

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Each 2nd counts throughout a race, and being may be to finish a pit stop quickly and also safely is important. This includes wearing the appropriate safety gear, using the tools the means it was intended, and also making sure that every crew members stay out the harm"s means throughout the whole process. If girlfriend have any type of questions about fueling a race car, or any type of vehicle, asking a Mechanic to learn more.