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I read that the the 34XBR800 weighs 205 (thanks the the 34xbr faq), and also the 40XBR800 weighs 300, however I haven"t had any type of sucess in searching the forums because that the load of the 32" and 36" sony wega tv"s.Anyone have this information? Thanks.
Check the Sony internet site or resellers web page - castle usually show the specs consisting of dimensions and weight for each model. There are numerous 32" and 36" Sony models, the WEGA analog sets and also HV digital sets.
YutakaLike Don says, over there are various models. One sony website is The Sony website is not an especially intuitive yet it looks choose the 36xbr800 comes in about 235# (click the specifications button when you watch the TV to check out dimensions, weight). The 32hv600 come in around 171#. These space the newest models in the size and have "NEW" beside them at the site. Interestingly Sony now has actually their new 32" and 36" in ~ the website (first time I had actually seen it) but I can"t yet discover the 34" xbr800 widescreen or the 40" xbr800. Ns have had actually my 34xbr800 now about a month so ns guess the Sony website will record up tiny by little.
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