Crop1000 seed weightNo. Of seeds / gram
Seedless mini watermelon35-6017-28
Watermelon v seeds35-4523-28
Seedless watermelon50-6016-20
Ananas melon41-5020-25
Galia melon25-3528-32
Tomato (cherry)1.8-2.5400-550
Classic ornamental sunflower40-6017-25
Colorful ornamental sunflower20-4025-50

Our Brassica, your Success

Brassica (the short name of the Brassicaceae family) is a collection of plants that initially originated in middle climate zones, but through breeding and selection, can now be grown in a wide range of climates.

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Read more participated for the first time in Southeast local Fruit and also Vegetable Conference organized in Savannah, tasiilaq.netA

The Southeast local Fruit and Vegetable Conference is the largest educational conference and trade show in the southeastern, bringing together growers, vendors and suppliers.

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With the finish of the year approaching that nice to look back, in this case – our fruitful Int. Open up Days 2018!

Open days 2018-Video Summery

Read more; cursed to constantly improving its radish varieties

Radishes of countless different types, such as round red radishes, French Breakfast and also Daikon types, space consumed all over the world.

Read more"s new Tomato arsenal for the sector - with full resistance packages

This new variety uses some distinct features for growers and consumers!

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Esteban Temporini - the new General Manager of tasiilaq.netA

We room pleased come announce the Esteban Temporini has recently to be appointed as general Manager that tasiilaq.netA.

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