In the previous six weeks i’ve undertaken an extraordinary quantity of take trip ling, each new location i visited supposed a new hotel room. Each having its own distinct appeal, decor & views however unfortunately, the very same old cost-free bathroom package.

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As a follower of the project #RandomActsOfConservation, I have tendency to watch out for unnecessary waste. Every hotel room you remain in will rather happily blast A/C for this reason high you have to wear extra class indoors, leaving every electric appliance on stand –by & put two brand-new toothbrushes in her bathroom every day.

Dont forget your toothbrush!

With the increase of solitary use plastics, numerous such as plastic bags & party with destruction rates 10 to 100 times quicker than the average toothbrush, utilizing a cost-free toothbrush in hotel truly is “unnecessary waste.”

When friend look in ~ the numbers, they space staggering. Bangkok, the funding city the Thailand has roughly 1,000 hotels obtainable on booking site Agoda. Every of this hotels has an mean of 100 rooms, definition a full of 100,000 rooms obtainable containing 200,000 toothbrushes.


According come statistics, any type of successful hotel requires 60% occupancy transparent the year. Extrapolate the to the number of rooms in Bangkok method that approximately 60,000 rooms are inhabited at any kind of one time in the city. If just 20% the those inhabitants use a solitary toothbrush each day, that’s end 4,000,000 toothbrushes a year.

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The typical toothbrush weighs in between 15 come 20 grams & if us err top top the next of conservatism as soon as again, that weighs as much as a mighty, mind boggling 60,000 Kgs of waste per-year. To placed it right into Thai terms, that’s roughly the load of 10 eastern elephants!

Wooden Toothbrush

I hasten to allude out, the exact numbers because that this are not obtainable to me, nor execute I foresee any hotel releasing precise figures on how much waste lock actually develop in contradiction to your sustainability plans (highlighted also by the alarming increase of unsustainable food being offered such as shark fin soup in Bangkok hotels & restaurants), however an estimate, a conservative calculation I feel for such a famous tourist & company destination where plenty of hotel rooms are inhabited by 2 people.

The toothbrush is the course critical part of modern-day living & dentists recommend we change ours regularly, over there are numerous biodegradable alternatives you should consider when purchasing a new one. Most importantly we have the right to stop these ubiquitous & beneficial instrument from ending up being a solitary use burden on the environment, so nothing forget her toothbrush!