Small and also compact, you wouldn’t guess that an automotive battery was heavy once you initially looked at one. But after you attempt to pick one up and also carry it to the counter of the keep, you probably wish you had actually got hold of a shopping cart first. Looks have the right to be extremely deceiving, and also the weight of a automobile battery is no exemption. How much carry out these points weigh, anyway? We dug in deep to uncover out the weight of the average car battery and also what have the right to affect this weight.

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Car batteries will weigh in different ways, based on brand, size, and kind. The average vehicle battery weighs thirty-nine pounds, with that weight ranging from ten pounds to sixty pounds. Nearly half the weight of a car’s battery is from lead, but this does vary by version.

Now that we understand a car battery’s weight will depend on the type, we will discuss the different forms in even more information. We’ve researched auto batteries and also present our findings in this write-up, in addition to the answers to some various other prevalent concerns about batteries. How many type of pounds of lead are in a auto battery? What is the weight of a lithium-ion battery? To see what we’ve discovered, read ahead in this write-up.


Weights of car batteries by brand

Here we’ve taken a number of brands of renowned automotive batteries and have noted their weights.

Amaron Go 35AH Battery

This brand of battery is uncovered under the hood of the Toyota Corolla. It weighs 19.84 pounds.

Duralast Platinum Battery

The Duralast Platinum battery is bigger and also heavier, weighing 39.01 pounds. You’ll find it installed inside many models of Suburu.

Duralast Gold Battery

The Duralast Gold battery is a tiny lighter than it’s Platinum counterpart. It weights 37.74, and is frequently offered by Nissan model trucks.

Valucraft Battery

Valucraft is a brand most regularly used by Honda hybrid vehicles. It weighs 27.61 pounds.

Odyssey Battery

One of the heaviest batteries on the market, the Odyssey weighs 46.60 pounds. You have the right to uncover this brand on Mitsubishi Eclipses.

What are the types of car batteries?

While there are countless kinds of batteries produced for vehicles, tright here are 3 prevalent arrays used in most cars and also trucks. We’ve damaged down the differences between them below.



The founding, lighting, and ignition battery (SLI for short) is the a lot of common battery form. The SLI is mainly offered for automobiles. This battery is comprised of six cells, each with a positive and negative set of plates. Each plate holds several electrodes.

The electrodes within this kind of battery are immersed in water and also sulfuric acid solution, which creates a chemical reaction resulting in DC voltage. It is this voltage that charges your vehicle’s units.


The intensified flooded battery (EFB) is a higher performance variation of the wet battery. The plates inside the battery are separated by a microporous divider. Attached to either side of this divider is a polyester scrim. This combicountry of products stabilizes the chemical reactive agents inside the battery, providing the battery a much longer life.

This kind of battery is frequently offered in vehicles that made use of start-sheight innovation. They are start to rearea the conventional SLI batteries on the industry.


The absorbent glass mat battery has a framework equivalent to the SLI car battery. Inside the battery, fairly than have actually the electrolyte be a free-floating component, it is rather fastened inside its own glass fiber compartment. This battery is airtight and has zero water loss over time.

The life of this battery is 3 times that of an SLI battery. They occupational well in vehicles that have actually automatic start-stop devices and also braking energy recovery. For this reason, they are great choices for vehicles that usage the majority of power or have actually even more than average electric components onboard.

Maintaining your battery

Years ago, it was important to unperform the caps of this battery and height them off through a bit of water from time to time. Thankfully, the models on the industry this particular day are maintenance-complimentary. A self-contained system holds the water, and including any water is not necessary.

Running any of the functions of your vehicle that needs electrical energy will certainly drainpipe the battery of its power. Fortunately, your auto has actually an alternator that functions to save the battery charged.The alternator only runs as soon as the engine is running. This is why your vehicle’s battery will certainly die if you leave the headlights on or if the radio plays for an extended period through the engine off. Should this ever before happen to you, tbelow are means to charge your vehicle’s battery safely.

Classic jumper cables are most likely a acquainted sight. For these to occupational, they should be linked to the terminals of the dead battery and a live battery inside a running automobile.


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There are also more self-had jumper devices, which host their very own power. If you have actually one of these handy, you won’t require another vehicle’s battery to obtain you jump began.


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How many kind of pounds of lead in a automobile battery?

As a general dominion, the amount of lead inside a vehicle battery is a small more than fifty percent the total weight of the battery. All told, the majority of auto batteries lug around sixty percent of their full weight in the lead alone.

Due to their high lead content, many type of people will frequently “scrap” supplied lead batteries. Lead sells for approximately one dollar per pound, and also dependable scrap yards pay out half of the industry worth. A sixty-pound battery that has thirty-6 pounds of lead would yield the scrapper an approximated $18. While lead is incredibly toxic, those who choose to scrap batteries very closely can make excellent money.


What is the weight of a lithium-ion vehicle battery?

A lithium-ion vehicle battery is a battery that is intended to be recharged by an independent electrical source. These batteries tfinish to be lighter weight than the conventional auto batteries, averaging in between eighteen and also thirty pounds. As with various other vehicles, the size of the car will dictate exactly how big a battery is necessary.

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In Conclusion

We’ve learned that the sizes and also weights of automotive batteries will certainly differ by brand also and also model. The weights array from ten pounds to sixty pounds, via starter batteries being the lightest. The more power your vehicle demands to begin, the bigger and also heavier the battery will be. We likewise learned that a car’s weight is comprised of the majority of lead.

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