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:hysterical:This question was seriously posed to mine husband"s friend, "Tom." seems this guy had a little dump bed trailer and had rigged two air tanks on it, one on each side (or end, ns am not sure exactly how it worked). He was going to to fill one tank at the front with air at the beginning of the trip. Then adjust the air come the other tank in ago to assist dump the load.Seriously. He was serious.Tom said that when the guy asked him the he, Tom, just stood there and also looked at him; did not understand what come say.After mine husband and Tom had actually yukked themselves silly over it, i noted; "Well, clear the guy was looking at the gauge, which more than likely said something prefer 100 POUNDS or such, and took that literally."Yes, the man in question is indigenous the city. Yet still. We acquired a kick the end of it.
Hmmm, I have actually an wait compressor, and now you"ve got me wanting to weigh it before and after ns fill it! It"s simply a small portable one, however it must weigh much more when it"s full of compressed air. Ns can"t imagine it would be much various though.Perhaps I will certainly haul mine bathroom range out come the yard and conduct a small experiment. I will report ago if ns do!

robin, ns hereby provide you the assignment. Please report her findings within 24 hours.I can"t wait!
“Why execute the safeguarded need come be safeguarded from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to usage the defense that walk not defend the protected in the very first place?”All the smear words finishing an ism, ist, phobia, et al room meaningless. It"s childish to usage them or offer them credence!
Here is an additional one because that you to ponder, exactly how much walk a spirit weigh, as determined by load of a human body on scales before and immediately ~ death?I"m sure the scientists that performed the weighing task room still scratching your heads as the body weight DID change when the human being died. Http://

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Thanks for the chuckle. Quick answer: He deserve to make a 10 lb change.For one answer, one would need to know just how much the waiting is compressed and it"s temperature, which do a large difference. Air in ~ sea level weighs a tad more than air in Denver, through the altitude. But, the waiting floating around us in general weights .08 lbs per cubic foot:1 cubic foot of air at conventional temperature and also pressure assuming average composition weighs approximately 0.0807 lbs. Because that compressed air in ~ what is regular homeowner pressure & temperatures, he could get it up to around one lb per cubic foot., if his tank is one 80 gallon top top each end which is around 10 cubic feet, that could influence the dumping effect by about 10 pounds.Sorry if I"m turning this techincal however looks prefer you got people interested in the numbers, so.... I loved the ship laugh, thanks. --->Paul