If you space looking to acquire your ears pierced and have browsed various piercing kits, friend may have come across some kits available by Walmart. Walmart does offer affordable pricing on your kits, yet you space probably much more curious to check out if you can acquire you ears pierced at Walmart when you acquisition a kit. We reached out to one of their customer business representatives and found out precisely what piercing solutions Walmart offers in their stores.

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Does Walmart execute Ear Piercings? Yes, Walmart offers in-store ear piercing services. For customers that room looking to gain their ear(s) pierced, Walmart provides a finish in-store piercing service.

Is Walmart act Ear Piercings during COVID-19

Unfortunately, Walmart has actually suspended your ear piercing services as result of COVID-19. This method that until further notice, no customer will have the ability to get your ear(s) pierced at any in-store locations.

Does Walmart Still execute Ear Piercing in 2021?

More special, Walmart is not providing their ear piercing services during 2021. While social distancing rules space still in place, there will be no ear piercing services offered at Walmart. Once customers no longer have to follow society distancing protocol, Walmart will certainly resume your ear piercing service.

How much Does It cost to acquire Your ear Pierced in ~ Walmart?

The full cost to acquire your ear pierced in ~ Walmart arrays from $10.00 come $35.00. It’s essential to allude out that as soon as you purchase the ear piercing kit, there is no additional charge to acquire your ears pierced. So, the cost of getting your ears pierced in ~ Walmart is the expense of the kit.

Do You have to Buy the Kit prior to Getting the Piercing?

In bespeak to acquire your ears pierced at Walmart, you should purchase the kit beforehand. there is no purchasing the kit, you will not have the ability to get a piercing at any Walmart location.

Does Walmart have Piercing kit In Store?

Yes, Walmart has piercing kits available in store and through their digital store.

According to a representative from their piercing department, the price for ear piercings vary depending upon the kind you would like to get. Listed below is a table the breaks under the pricing for Walmart’s ear piercing service. Friend can examine out Walmart’s product web page for their piercing kit to gain a full idea of what kits & pricing room available.

Piercing KitPrice
Home Ear Piercing Kit v Stainless stole 3mm CZ Earring$14.99
Women\"s Inverness home Ear Piercing Kit v Stud Earrings in 14kt Gold$35.00
Ear Piercing Kit Portable Ear human body Piercing Kit v 2 Studs$9.97
Home Ear Piercing Kit with a Stainless steel 4MM Crystal sphere Earring$18.99

Is Walmart Ear Piercing Safe?

Walmart’s in-store ear piercing business is entirely safe.

In fact, your in-store ear piercing services are performed by a agency called Inverness, which insurance claims to be among the most safe ear piercing services/kits available. What renders them several of the safest on the industry is that:

Their piercings are entirely sealed until they are used, which method the piercings stay completely contaminant free.The piercings are designed to enable airflow v the ear and the earlier of the piercing, which increases the healing process, and also prevents the piercing from becoming embedded in the ear lobe.

How Old carry out You must Be to obtain Your ears Pierced at Walmart?

Walmart has proclaimed that a customer must be at the very least 18 year or larger in bespeak to obtain a piercing at their locations. Otherwise, if who is younger 보다 18 years old, they need to be add by one adult, or have a guardian’s signature in bespeak to receive a piercing.

Can a baby have actually their ear pierced in ~ Walmart?

Yes, youngsters of any type of age are allowed to obtain a piercing in ~ Walmart as long as they room accompanied by an adult/guardian.

Does Walmart carry out Cartilage Piercings?

Yes, Walmart does market cartilage piercings solutions in several of their stores as well.

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Although, follow to a customer service representative, not all Walmart areas offer the cartilage piercing service, for this reason it’s finest that you contact your local Walmart forward to make certain that they additionally offer cartilage piercing services.