How much deserve to you conserve by owning a residence tanning bed?

In stimulate to calculation the cost and compare that fairly, you need to take all the real costs into consideration. This contains electricity, the price the the demorphs bed, gasoline to drive to the salon, etc. Save in psychic that not everyone pays the exact same for demorphs sessions, gasoline, electricity, etc. So while we deserve to do the math, your mileage might vary. Literally. Us don"t attempt to calculate wear and also tear driving either, simply gas used. If your prices are much higher or lower, you can use this together a guide and also calculate them because that yourself reasonably easily.

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Tanning in ~ the salon

Assumptions: you tan 4 times every week, live 10 miles from the salon and also get 20 miles to the gallon in ~ $2 per gallon because that gas, 1 month = 4.3 weeks. This is pretty common, and also although you might be closer to the salon, or obtain worse mileage, its nice close to your typical cost:

$34.40 per month for fuel + expense of tanning.

If you salary $30 a month for endless tanning, the is $64.40 every month total expense. If you pay $4 every session, the is $103.20 every month. (typical) If you pay $6 every session, the is $137.60 every month. Mean time that takes driving, waiting and tanning: 45 minutes every time, minimum.

Owning your own tanning bed

Assumptions: friend buy a 24 desk lamp tanning bed for $2000, change your lamps every 800 hours, have actually an average session time that 20 minutes and have typical electrical rates. Same 4 sessions every week.

800 hours using Brilliance 5.0% = 2400+ session, in ~ $0.10 cent of lamp expense per session. Average cost of electricity for 20 minutes = $0.12 5 years of ownership split by expense of bed = $33.33 per month

Average cost per month to own a home tanning bed: $1.71 in lamp life + $2.06 in electricity + $33.33 per month price of bed = $37.10 per month for 5 years $3.76 every month after ~ 5 years $20.45 per month total, averaged over 10 years.

Most quality tanning beds will certainly last much longer than 10 years, for this reason in the end, your actual expense per month will most likely be lower. This number is supplied to keep the mathematics real.

Final analysis

Tanning at the salon: Over 10 years, you will certainly spend between $7728 and also $16512 (or more) and also consume 1548 hours of time at the salon. Average expense is simply over $12,000.

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Tanning in ~ home: Over 10 years, you will spend less than $2600 to buy, power, and keep new lamps in a house tanning bed, and consume 688 hours of time. Median savings: almost $10,000 over 10 years, or $1000 every year.

If you tan daily, instead of 4 times per week, girlfriend will have actually saved sufficient money to buy a decent car in 10 years, simply by owning your very own tanning bed instead of driving come the salon. Once you own a residence tanning bed, you own a tangible item, not simply the results. You also get to buy tanning lotions wholesale, i m sorry will conserve you a couple hundred dollars much more per year, easily.

Money saved: end $9,000 or virtually $1000 per year Time saved: 860 hours, or end 84 hours per year.


If you space a constant tanner, that is 60% to 80% much less expensive to very own your very own tanning bed 보다 it is to go to the salon. Obviously it saves you time (about half), is much more effective because you tan regularly, and also offers the advantage of sanitation. The is also much more enviromentally sound, because you will save over 200 gallons of gas, each YEAR, which reduces pollution and green residence gases.

Many civilization look in ~ the price the a new tanning bed and think castle can"t afford it. The REAL concern is: room you so well-off that you afford to no buy a house tanning bed?
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