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I"ve check out a most inconsistent info assert other sites, so ns figured I"d ask part gun nuts. I have a backyard rabbitry, and i would rather use a bb or pellet gun than break their neck or bop them with a pipe. I desire to save on the lower finish of price and also use a handgun fairly than rifle just obtained simplify matters. I"ve watched plenty of them at Wal-Mart for between $30 and $60, however their speed varies from simply over 300 to nearly 500 FPS. So will the 300-350 suffice because that this or perform i need the 450-500 because that this?

I execute not think the 300 will execute it, and additionally doubt the 500. Ns shoot small game with an air rifle at about 950fps. A great resource come buy native is www.airgundepot.comJust my opinion. YMMV

I"d say 950 or much better fps. You room going to be using an air rifle, no a BB pistol.Better yet, usage a .22LR.Will something less kill a rabbit - probably yes - yet not have to humanely.
I use 750fps .22 caliber pellet rifle through 18gr pellets. Gets squirrels everytime. I knew who who had to put his cat under (cat got hit by a car and putting it the end of that is misery to be the finest option) v a comparable pellet rifle and it did the project at an extremely close range. So with that similarity ns think rabbits would certainly pose no problem.Any pellet rifles the goes above 1250 fps you may hear a sonic crack together with degradation the accuracy. However for your purpose, I would certainly think your selection would be around a foot and not more... Nice much point blank range. But I doubt girlfriend will uncover a handgun various other than a 22lr or also 22short that will certainly fit your requirements. A pellet handgun would not be recommended.
It is Walmart. Gain the 500. Kill one through a pipeline to be quick and clean. Then popular music it through the pellet. Check out if it penetrates.A pair of guys had a great point, the 22 caliber air firearms will fight harder, therefore you might get away through the larger pellet and also lower pressure.
My prior post didn"t take into account the you"ll be allude blank. My rabbit-killing endure is normally at an ext like 7-20 yards. Perhaps you can go lower and it"ll it is in OK. Ns don"t like to cut it close.
Knife?Ever thought about bleeding out your rabbits through a knife come the throat? Why space you trying to reinvent the wheel? provides the meat taste much better too.
Why go v the cost of buying an airgun and dealing v it in ~ all? here are straightforward methods that need nothing much more than some items you have roughly the house, they space effective and also humane. Http://
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Ever thought about bleeding the end your rabbits with a knife come the throat? Why are you trying come reinvent the wheel? renders the meat taste much better too.
A .22 LR puts under 1,000 lb hogs and also 1,800 lb steers when placed versus the skull.500 FPS would be the least I"d usage for contact shots to the head, just to it is in on the safe/humane next of the equation however what a rubbish of pellets and also money because that an underpowered gun.Just make a tapered chute out of animal leather or tin to organize the rabbit upside down through the head with the smaller hole and just cut the throat through a knife--the same way that friend make chicken Halal or Kosher and that"s operated for numerous years.
Ever thought around bleeding the end your rabbits v a knife come the throat? Why space you trying to reinvent the wheel? provides the meat taste much better too.
I live in town and also can IMAGINE what will occur when a arbitrarily passer by look at me cut a rabbit throat.
Yep. Friend can gain same FPE v slow heavy bullet or faster tiny bullet. All relative. Yet just shooting stuff with around same resistance together skin/flesh suggests somewhere around 500 fps at allude of contact with most any type of projectile to reliably penetrate tiny mammals. Though you can absolutely kill birds with half of the if girlfriend hit "em in the bean.- OS
I live in town and can IMAGINE what will take place when a arbitrarily passer by sees me cut a hare throat.
Yeah, human being generally usage it erroneously, favor synonymous v "contact distance", ie, really close up.- OS
That"s a the majority of work to off a rabbit.Just smack them in ~ the base of the neck, or cleft the throat. You are bleeding the hare after killing them, right?It"s humane, and also quick. First time is wierd, yet it"s what needs to it is in done.
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Yes, matches shooting one. A shot is generally thought about the most humane method by those that are against "animal abuse."Also, not offing "a" rabbit, yet 6 to 10 every couple of weeks. BUT, in irradiate of this info that lower end speed won"t it is in sufficient, i think I"m walking to just stick v my Gerber.

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I reliably killed big south texas jackrabbits through a .177 caliber pellet rifle advertised at 850fps. I additionally used a .22 pellet rifle advertised in ~ 550fps. I do not recognize actual velocity. I desired the heavier and also larger, but performance on video game seemed similar enough. The .22 just had a scope and I was more precise.Head shots brought about the jacks to run off. I eliminated them through heart/lung shots, and one through a neck shot. Asphyxiation was the typical cause of death as finest I might tell. Blood trail was nonexistent other than the neck shot. That one fight an artery.Longest distance eliminated was about 50 yards. Paced by me on flat level ground. I am really confident in that street being pretty precise if no a bit pessimistic. I believe I offered the .177 however don"t recall for sure. Both made numerous kills at miscellaneous distances and also neither to be terminally lacking if the shot entered the heart lung area. Fatality wasn"t swift, but was sure, in ~ 30 secs to 2 minutes typically. Just my experiences.