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1 cent 1932


1 cent 1932 prices and values

The value of a canadian coin relies on several determinants such as quality and also wear, supply and demand, rarity, finish and also more.

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Errors and also varieties indigenous the community

Most of the adhering to pictures come from the generous donation of the community. Title attributed come them doesn"t constantly reflect the precise error or range on them. Feel totally free to let us understand in the discussion board if you check out one picture that have to be fixed.

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Planchet errors and also varietiesSource
#22021 cent 1932 - flaw planchetainsivalavie
#22031 cent 1932 - defect planchetainsivalavie
#23931 cent 1932 - defect planchetverdigris
#24171 cent 1932 - cons planchetREA45
Die errors and also varietiesSource
#15881 cent 1932 - Fillinglamothe


1 cent 1932 : 21,316,190


Alloy: 95.5% copper, 3% tin and 1.5% zincWeight: 3.24 gramsDiameter : 19.05 mmEngraver: Obverse: sir E.B. MacKennal, Reverse: W.H.J. BlakemoreDesigner: Obverse: sir E.B. MacKennal, Reverse: Fred LewisEdge: SmoothMagnetism: NonmagneticDie axis: ↑↑

Population Report

The populace Report listed below shows the census the certified 1 cent 1932 turn around coins by major TPG companies. PCGS and also NGC specimen coins are included in Mint State grades.



Sources : PCGS : popular music Report from October 17, 2019. CCCS : pop Report indigenous October 17, 2019. NGC : popular music Report indigenous October 16, 2019. ICCS : Data not obtainable at this time.