The 1950 fifty disagreement bills have the right to be valuable depending ~ above the series. Star notes deserve to be worth an ext than the standard notes. Continue reading come learn more about these bills.

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Denomination:$50.00 USD
Type:Federal make reservation Note
Portrait:Ulysses S. Grant
Series:Six: 1950, 1950A, 1950B, 1950C, 1950D, 1950E

Below room the general values for each collection in very fine condition and MS 63 uncirculated condition.

SeriesVery FineMS 63 Uncirculated

Star Notes

Star notes room replacement bills that the United says Federal reserve printed. This star note are more rare and also thus much more valuable. You can tell if you have actually a star keep in mind by feather to view if over there is a star symbol in ~ the end of the serial number.

Below room the basic values for each star note series in very fine condition and MS 63 uncirculated condition.

SeriesVery FineMS 63 Uncirculated

Note: an important bills should be placed inside money holders.

Grading System

Very fine- A note that has been in circulation yet not because that a lengthy time. The note is still fairly crisp. There might be part creases, folds, or light smudges.

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MS 63 an option uncirculated- A keep in mind that shows no signs of ever before having been in circulation. The keep in mind still has actually its initial crispness. The note is likewise well-centered. is no a dealer or refiner.We carry out not buy or sell valuable metal. is a participant in assorted affiliate programs, including the Amazon services LLC Associates Program.This is one affiliate heralding program draft to administer a means for sites come earn heralding fees through advertising and linking come Amazon.