The 2011 silver eagles have actually value together both numismatic coins and also as silver- bullion. Keep reading to learn more about these coins.

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Type: American silver Eagle Year: 2011 Face Value: $1.00 Composition: 99.9% silver Total Weight: 1 troy oz. Current silver- Bullion Value: $24.18

The US minted the 2011 silver eagle with no mint note and likewise the 2011 W burnished silver- eagle, 2011 S burnished silver eagle, 2011 W proof silver- eagle, and also the 2011 ns reverse proof silver- eagle. The mint mark, as soon as present, have the right to be uncovered on the reverse side the the coin.

The burnished silver- eagles have a distinctive look to them. Burnished coins have a matte-like finish and they appear less shiny.

Proof coins are basically coins the have an ext detail. They are produced on distinct planchets and also it takes longer to produce them. Every proof coin initially comes in a united state Mint approve velvet box and a certificate that authorization (COA).

The turning back proof silver- eagles room special edition coins the were minted for the 25th anniversary of the silver- eagle series. These coins were only sold as component of a five coin collection that consisted of all the different silver eagles the 2011. Every coin has actually a excellent mirror-like appearance.

SeriesLocationQuantity Minted
2011West allude and san Francisco40,020,000
2011 W, BurnishedWest Point409,776
2011 S, BurnishedSan Francisco99,882
2011 W ProofWest Point947,355
2011 p Reverse ProofPhiladelphia99,882


This coin, nevertheless of condition, is worth at least its load in silver. The current spot price of silver is $24.18 per ounce together of October 27, 2021. As such $24.18 is the present melt value of this coin.

The 2011 silver eagle v no mint mark is worth roughly $36 in uncirculated condition.

The 2011 W burnished silver eagle is worth approximately $45 in uncirculated condition.

The 2011 S burnished silver- eagle is worth around $225 in uncirculated condition.

The 2011 W proof silver eagle is worth about $60 in proof condition.

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Lastly the 2011 ns reverse proof silver- eagle is the many rare and an important series. This coin is worth roughly $255 in proof condition.

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