If you’re a 90s NBA Basketball pan you might be wondering what the most expensive David Robinson cards are?

Or perhaps you’ve to be holding onto a couple of of her old basketball cards in really hopes that they’ll be worth countless dollars someday? maybe you’re looking to acquisition a card or set of cards as a keepsake. No matter your situation, basketball cards have actually been exploding in popularity, attracting new collectors and also investors to the hobby.

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Who is David Robinson?

David Maurice Robinson to be born on respectable 6th, 1965, in key West, Florida. He moved all the time as result of his father’s navy career. Eventually, his family resolved in Woodbridge, Virginia, and also Robinson to visit Osbourn Park High School, where he shockingly did not play ~ above the basketball team.

After a serious expansion spurt throughout his senior year the high school, Robinson came to be a hot commodity in the eyes of the basketball coaches. So, he started playing without any type of prior experience. After graduation, he complied with in his father’s footsteps and attended the U.S. Navy Academy. There, he majored in mathematics and continued playing basketball.

Although Robinson did not watch the NBA in his future, he ongoing to succeed in his basketball job at the Navy. In his small and senior years, the was named an All-American and earned the Naismith and Wooden Awards, two of the many honorable awards the exist in college basketball.

David Robinson’s NBA Career

He to be drafted by the san Antonio spur in 1987 as a first-round pick and also played for them native 1989 through 2003. Standing at 7ft 1in high at 235 pounds, Robinson was a force to it is in reckoned through on the court. His teammates, coaches, and his dedicated fans dubbed him “The Admiral” as result of his business in the U.S. Navy.

He is widely well-known as the finest basketball player to ever before come native the marine Academy and the best center football player in NBA history. The spur turned a 21-61 season come a 56-26 season filled through victories native the second Robinson join the team. He average 29.8 points per game, 10.7 rebounds, 4.8 assists, and also 3.3 block in every game.

Robinson earned countless titles and also awards transparent his skilled basketball career, such as NBA Rookie the the Year, NBA defensive Player of the Year, and was component of the All-NBA very first Team and also All-Defensive NBA first Team four times. He played ten times in the NBA All-Star games and, in 1995, was crowned NBA Most an useful Player. In addition, he was a two-time Olympic yellow Medalist and was inducted right into the U.S. Olympic hall of fame 2 times. Robinson also made his way onto the NBA’s list of 50 biggest Players.

The Most an important David Robinson Cards Today

When it concerns sports map buying and also selling, basketball cards are amongst the most dominant. Within current years and due to a rising number of fans, basketball has become a card collector’s jackpot. Now, lock rank among the world’s highest possible sales positions. And also it’s not simply the cards from earlier in the day that are marketing at astronomical prices, however even cards native the last couple of years. To see few of these record setup sports cards, check out our ultimate list of the many expensive sports cards in the world.

There’s no questioning the truth that David Robinson was a phenomenal player. Although he retirement after the 2002-03 season, the expense of his basketball cards proves the he is and constantly will be an all-star.

Moreover, ‘The Admiral’ to be inducted into the Basketball hall of fame in 2009, making the a coagulation NBA legend.

Collectors and also die-hard pan alike have the right to browse through a range of cards online, especially on eBay, wherein they sell most frequently. Friend can also visit a complete store that David Robinson cards and other unique memorabilia at SportsMemorabilia.com by click the link HERE or by clicking on the photo below.

Here room the 13 many expensive David Robinson cards:

1. 1998-99 Skybox Autographics David Robinson #50 black color & Blue squid – BGS 9/10

Current Price: $15,000

If you take place to have actually $15,000 lying around (don’t us all?), you deserve to snag this spectacular and also authentic Skybox collection that’s tho safely save in the original packaging. It features two autographed David Robinson cards from the 1998-99 spur season. The collection is in fantastic condition, i beg your pardon is clear the thinking behind the insanely high price tag.

These Skybox autograph editions are absolutely the most expensive David Robinson cards the end there.

2. 1991 Fleer #237 David Robinson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan PSA 10


Current Price: $5,000

Robinson controlled to sneak his method into this one. You gain triple the talent in this spectacular, one-of-a-kind basketball card featuring Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kevin Johnson, Patrick Ewing, and also of course, the one and only David Robinson. This distinctive shot is named “Just Me and the Boys.” friend can obtain it for roughly $5,000 if your budget plan allows.

3. 1989-90 Hoops #310 David Robinson IA Rookie RC BGS 10 Pristine

Current Price: $375.00-$5,000 +

It’s no surprised that a rookie is just one of the many expensive David Robinson cards. This top Hoops map is indigenous Robinson’s first season playing in the huge leagues in 1998-99 ~ he to be finished with his time in the Navy and could sign up with the Spurs.

Robinson quickly led his new team come a significant turnaround and also spurred them on to victory, make NBA history with the most remarkable single-season improvement. This certain card is easily accessible anywhere in between $375 to $4,999 and above.

4. 1996-97 Bowman’s ideal Atomic Refractor David Robinson #69 PSA 10 HOF

Current Price: $4,431.00

Collectors deserve to pick increase this Bowman ideal Atomic Refractor map from David Robinson’s 1996-1997 season from about $400 come upwards that $4500. This mainly card features an action shot the Robinson slam-dunking together his adversary looks on. It likewise features a player profile, consisting of size, position, and also game statistics.

5. 2013 Panini Prizm silver Refractor #226 David Robinson HOF PSA 10

Current Price: about $2,000

This Panini Prizm silver- Refractor card is the most modern card had in this list, produced in 2013. It comes in at approximately $2000 v untouched packaging and a sleek prior and earlier design. The image features Robinson in full attack mode, positioned to do a power move to the hoop and assist lead the spurs to yet one more victory. While the ago gives a an overview of the basketball phenomenon’s life and also his journey to the top.

6. 1989 Hoops SP David Robinson #138 rarely Rookie RC – BGS 10 Pristine

Current Price: $500-$1600

This pristine 1989 Hoops card is the rarest together they come. It’s regarded as Robinson’s trademark card, together he was amongst the an initial players to be featured ~ above a map while in his rookie season through the mountain Antonio Spurs. The picture shows Robinson smiling and also holding up his #50 spurs Jersey after being drafted together a #1 pick. The card’s price arrays from approximately $500 come $1600.

7. 1990 Fleer Rookie sensations David Robinson #1 PSA 10 Rookie map Gem Mint

Current Price: $200-$1600

It doesn’t obtain any better than a PSA 10 Rookie sensation card, and this one surely delivers. The glowing colors and sweet picture of Robinson prepare to make a pass is a sight to see. It also includes an comprehensive biography top top the ago for collectors and also fans to enjoy. The card goes everywhere from $200 to roughly $1600.

8. 1988-89 Diamond Shamrock san Antonio Police David Robinson map PSA 10

Current Price: $1000

This is among Robinson’s more quickly basketball cards and also was provided to fans and also collectors as an early giveaway throughout the 1989-90 season. The mountain Antonio Police dispersed the cards in a campaign to encourage the general public to to speak no come drugs. The front display screens a picture of Robinson in addition to a kind where civilization could go into to victory a road trip with the Spurs. Friend can obtain it brand brand-new for roughly $1000.

9. 1996 Topps Chrome REFRACTOR David Robinson w/ Michael Jordan #80 PSA 8

Current Price: $225-$1000

The Topps Chrome Refractor is an above basketball card. After ~ all, that gets the possibility to watch the Admiral shot to block MJ? The prize is you if you buy this card! However, it’ll expense you in between $225 and $1000. Girlfriend can likewise check the end the back for a deep dive into Robinson’s significant career.

10. David Robinson 1995 Topps ideal REFRACTOR #245 PSA Gem MINT 10 spur HOF

Current Price: $760

For around $760, you can purchase the Topps ideal Refractor card that functions Robinson in his This ones native 1995, i m sorry is the same year Robinson earned the Most an useful Player award.

11. David Robinson Skybox 1990-91 #260 Rookie BGS 9.5 Gem Mint

Current Price: $300-$600

Here’s another beautiful card from Skybox from the early on years that Robinson’s NBA career. View exceptional stats ~ above the ago along v a picture of a grinning Robinson. On the front, you’ll find him gripping the rock, preparing to blow past his defender and take it come the bucket. You have the right to buy this map for $300 to $600 online.

12. David Robinson spurs 1989 NBA Hoops Basketball #310 RC Rookie map – PSA 10 Gem Mint

Current Price: $240 to $450

He shoots, and also he scores! This card functions Robinson, who shows up to be getting ready to drain a free throw during one the his first games playing with the pros in the NBA. You deserve to purchase this yes, really NBA Hoops Rookie card for approximately $240 to $450, depending upon what girlfriend stumble throughout online.

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13. 1990 NBA Hoops David Robinson #270 Rookie of the Year mountain Antonio spur Card PSA 9 Mint

Current Price: $300

Robinson deserve Rookie of the Year during his an initial season, and also rightfully so. You deserve to buy this map in brand new condition for around $300 or so and also enjoy gazing top top Robinson’s powerful post-up. The card also enables you the possibility to review his spectacular video game stats throughout his time in the U.S. Navy.