Mercury once in the wrong hands, can develop all species of problems. Therefore let me start off by telling you to always be aware of where your mercury is. Carry out not dispose of the in any kind of conventional way, whatsoever. You have to take mercury containing objects come a recycling center.

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Before you review this, allow me do it completely clear. You need to NOT MESS about WITH MERCURY. The just reason I have actually written this post is to display those who space dumb enough to shot it the many proper method to execute so. You re welcome DON’T execute IT! Mercury quickly becomes airborne and also when gotten in into the body will slowly kill you. It takes days for you to notice, and before you can do anything it is too late. Ideal mercury disposal have to be excellent at a recycling center, and also only a recycling center.
Before you also touch mercury, take off alljewelry, as mercury will eat away and dissolve in silver and also gold,literallyruining it. Mercury will destroy your yellow rings, did friend know!

Despite it’s negative reputation, mercury (Hg) is a an extremely useful and necessary metal (like uranium, sort of). When taken care of responsibly, that is no an ext dangerous than lead (Pb). (I heard a story a while back around an entire school being closed because that a day since a child broke a mercury thermometer in scientific research class, yet that’s one more story.)

Mercury deserve to be commonlyfoundin Hgthermometers, Hg switches, Hg batteries, and as a gas influorescenttubing. It only takes a small volume to have a pound, as mercury is denser 보다 lead but not rather as thick as gold.
Find a small coffee can with a air tight lid. Not AN ALUMINUM CONTAINER!Clean the end the can.Weight the canBreak open up your mercury containing device.Carefully allow all mercury to circulation into the can.MARK IT as DANGER/HAZARD/TOXIC so NOBODY mistake IT for COFFEE and also DRINKS IT!Save the in the can until you have actually repeated the above steps for every mercury containing things you own.Weight the can+mercury, and subtract the weight of simply the can. Now you now exactly how much mercury you have!1 pound of mercury is around 2.25 tablespoons. 1 Gallon the mercury weights 115 pounds!

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