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American football playerDonovan McNabblives a divisive life. He’s never done therefore on purpose, but scandal appears to monitor the former National football League and also Pro bowl quarterback where he goes.

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Drunk drivingin many instances. Famous friction with a teammate. Discontinuation from ESPN aftersexual harassment allegations. McNabb hasn’t always made the right choices, yet he has made financially sound ones.

When the was very first drafted right into the NFL native Syracuse,Philadelphia Eagles fansbooed the pick from the rafters. He can laugh in all of theircheesesteak stuffedfaces now. The retirement NFL quarterback is still worth millions.

McNabb’s career might beone that controversy, but controversy generally stems from an excellent stories. McNabb’s life is full of unforeseen turns, start with his decision to walk to the NFL rather of the NBA.

Early Life & college Career

Donovan Jamal McNabbwas born ~ above November 25, 1976, when Stephen King’s “Carrie” to be No. 1 at the box office. McNabb was scary an excellent at mount Carmel High college in Chicago, Illinois, and played college ball in brand-new York in ~ Syracuse University.

McNabb was a dual-threat DI athlete college. He invested his collegiate offseasons rebounding the roundballfor the legendaryJim Boheim.

McNabbwishes he’d traded touchdowns because that triple-doubles and played in the NBA instead.

I recognize some other players who’d say the same thing about McNabb, however we’ll acquire to the soon.

McNabb was good at college football, too. The QBfinished 5th in Heisman Trophy voting in 1998 and also won huge East attack Player of the Year. He to be thesecond-overall selectionin the 1999 NFL breeze the adhering to year.


McNabb easily got the fledgling Eagles off the ground. After ~ a rookie season spent finding his wings, McNabb reached his an initial Pro bowl of 6 in 2000.

The Eagles shed to the new York Giants in theNFC East division Championship roundthat season, which was significantly betterthan the season before. This trend would continue.

From 2001-2003, the Eagles shed three continually NFC Championship games to theSt. Louis Rams,Tampa just Buccaneers, andCarolina Panthers. Every this in spite of being perennial divisional champs.

McNabb to be disappointed, yet he would certainly be even more disappointed the following season.

After lastly winning an NFC Conference Championship against the bound-to-lose-eventually Atlanta Falcons, McNabb and also the Eagles swooped intoSuper key XXXIX.

Philly was greatly favored come lose against Tom Brady and the brand-new England Patriots. ESPN picked the Patriots. Las Vegas picked the Patriots. Even McNabb’s mother picked the Patriots.

Just kidding around McNabb’s mom. I’m not kidding around the rest, though, and they were every correct.

Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and also the remainder of the Patriots were too much for McNabb and Terrell Owens to handle.And hey, speak of T.O. …

A short Aside concerning Terrell Owens

Donovan McNabb to be one of numerous NFL players that didn’t prefer Terrell Owens.

Owens had actually a warm head and also a according to mouth — two things that seldom go unpunished in skilled football locker rooms.

The stars had multiple altercations on and off the field, which made for good tabloid drama. That’s what the T.O. Show was all about — drama. I can’t aid but feel McNabb was an ext of a victim of T.O.’s fame 보다 anything, despite he definitely played a role in their spats.

While the is confirmed that McNabb said T.O. Come STFU in the huddle one time, reports of McNabbvomiting in the super Bowlremain unconfirmed.This bring me earlier to…

Back come McNabb’s NFL Career

Eagles and also Bengals tie 23-23.

In 2008, those two teams additionally tied, officially make Donovan McNabb aware of the truth that NFL gamings can finish without a winner. Pic.twitter.com/LQwAFnmWnY


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McNabb was a family members name well prior to his Super key appearance in 2004. Regrettably for him, his stock would steadily fall after that season.

2005 was terrible, but 2006 was much better. Regrettably for McNabb, he tore his ACL against the Tennesee Titans in the year after starting the season strong. That watched one aging Jeff Garcia lead the Eagles to a now-familiar NFC Championship loss, this time to drew Brees and the brand-new Orleans Saints.

McNabb came back the next year and led the Eagles to an ext winning seasons andNFC Championship losses(that time to the Arizona Cardinals). After ~ a Wild map loss come the Dallas Cowboys in 2009, it was time because that McNabb to go.

The time of the McNabb profession left heads itching. The 2009 season was a substantial comebackfor McNabb, who put up his finest numbers in years and also made his last agree Bowl team. The Washington Redskins (now the an ext accurately named “Football Team”) gladly take it the aging McNabb and wasted his final two years. Well, just one year.

In 2010, McNabb threw much more interceptions 보다 touchdowns for Washington. The Minnesota Vikings wasted McNabb’s last season.

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McNabb was traded to Minnesota after ~ one season in Washington. That didn’t execute much far better in purple and put the end a pitiful 1-5 record as a Viking. McNabb didn’t take another snap after 2011. Heofficially retired an Eaglein 2013.