Hardcore beef jerky fans understand the battle of wanting come eat the 24/7, but being held back by one major factor: price.

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Sure, $5 here, $7 dollars there, can not seem prefer a huge deal, but if you"re like me, you deserve to down the bag that jerky within an hour and also still desire more. Climate you look down at the the bottom the the bag and see that it"s around 3 ounces of jerky or less, and also think, "Why space 3 ounces precious of food therefore expensive?"

The key reason jerky is so expensive is because it bring away a lot more meat to do it 보다 the 2.7 ounces we see.

Pennsylvania-based large John"s Beef Jerky described this ~ above its site, together it is a commonly asked question:

The key reason is that all jerky is i have lot of money to make. Beef is about 60% water, so when it is dried most of the weight is evaporated. That takes around 2.5 Lbs of high quality beef to do 1 Lb the jerky. Secondly, countless jerky companies use expensive chemicals and preservatives as soon as making their jerky, and also they have a the majority of waste just based upon how they do it. We use minimal preservatives, particularly in our Original and Fiery hot flavors, and have a unique procedure that is much an ext efficient and reduces waste considerably. This conserves you money. Finally, ordering directly from united state "cuts out the middleman" and allows us to happen the savings directly to you.

The owner the Arizona-based Lawless Jerky touched on the topic in a 2014 Reddit thread, confirming large John"s explanation, and adding that expense of labor, cost of beef, packaging, shipping, and also even insurance because that a production facility every come right into play through that relatively high price sign on the shelf.

As owner of an all-natural, grass-fed jerky company, ns can offer you lots of factors it"s for this reason expensive... Here"s a few:

1) Requires lots of labor 2) Often deals with lean beef, i m sorry is more expensive than pork, chicken, or also beef fat. 3) packaging deserve to be quite expensive. And labels. 4) Insurance and rent in ~ a USDA authorized facility.

5) Time: that takes a pair days indigenous start and also finish of even a small-batch run. 6) Shrink: because the beef is largely water and also since you"re dehydrating you shed 40-60% that the load of the meat, more driving increase the price. 7) quality ingredients. For example we income crazy seasonings from almost everywhere the world and use top-quality all organic ingredients.

8) Shipping - obtaining all the ingredient to her facility and also then shipping the jerky approximately the nation is not cheap.

In that exact same thread, a Reddit user obtained a little more specific v the kind of meat used for beef jerky, saying the jerky is normally made v rump roast, i m sorry can often go for around $5.99 a pound.


"You to buy a bag the jerky that"s around 7 bucks since it was once 7 bucks precious of meat and spices," Reddit user cdb3492 said.

In the end, you"re basically acquiring what you pay for. The jerky procedure isn"t easy, and also it"s typically with great quality meats. You have the right to taste that you"re eating something of good quality, too, or else we wouldn"t fork end those $7 for this reason willingly.

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You win, beef jerky. I"ll pay her outrageous fee.



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