One the the most usual sites ~ above any major road or interstate is a tow truck. Whether passing by tow truck vehicle drivers hard at job-related or see one heading to a call, plenty of drivers miss the importance of these familiar vehicles.

Job security is practically guaranteed together employment opportunities for tow truck drivers exist in every city, and also the financial upside can be significant. 

Education and TrainingHow lot Does a Tow truck Driver Make?$53,471Work for Someone rather or own Your very own Towing Company?How numerous Hours do Tow Truck vehicle drivers Work top top Average?

Education and Training

There space variances in between states regarding an exact regulations for becoming tow truck drivers. However, license programs and various tests are forced by most states. There are a few common requirements, including being end 18, a clean driving record, and also being able to pass drug, vision, and also physical tests. 

Although a advertising driver’s patent is compelled by federal regulation for tow weights exceeding 26,000 pounds, details states call for a CDL for tow drivers towing any type of weight. Prior to obtaining a CDL, a driver have to attend in-person training, create an exam, and also then happen a road test.

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The require for towing certification relies on the state. Every employer additionally has their own policies. A flexible schedule is regularly a must, and many employers prefer high institution graduates. Some require a criminal lift check. It is additionally not unusual for potential motorists to be turned down for employed if they room younger than 21 or 25. This guarantee that brand-new hires have several year of driving experience.

The an abilities needed come correctly perform the job are most frequently learned on-site, under the tutelage of one more experienced driver. They demonstrate appropriate safety procedures, explain agency policies, and discuss methods to rental in different situations. Once practical experience on the job has actually been gained, The Towing and also Recovery association of America supplies certification options. Three levels the certification training have the right to be done online or in-person.

Level 1 needs a minimum of 90 days’ tow experience, meets their state’s driving requirements and passes a 100-question test.Level 2 calls for a CDL, level 1 certification, and also 1 year together a restore operator and either a heavy- or medium-duty tow van driver. The check comes in two components — one oral part on exactly how real-life instances would be handled and written an easy theoretical knowledge.Level 3 requires all of level 2, to add endorsements on the CDL, and 2 year of professional experience. The test has actually the exact same 2 segments together for level 2.

How lot Does a Tow truck Driver Make?

The tow van driver salary follow to, together of may 2020, in the U.S. Is $53,471. The reported median hourly wage is $26.

Median tow truck driver salary


Source: (May 2020)

There room several determinants that influence wages earned:

Level of educationExperiencePerformance reviewsDirect reportsLocationType that tow truck being operatedTow truck employer

In general, vehicle drivers of standard tow trucks will certainly earn much less than one who drives full-float trucks. The highest paying course of motorists are those who journey flatbeds

Some service providers offer advantage programs come their motorists which ups their overall wage. In the various other direction, certain companies favor not to salary a salary, however to pay instead by every tow. Relying on how liven the area is, this might be useful or detrimental.

Highest paying States/Cities because that Tow van Drivers

Rhode IslandTop 5 highest possible paying states (average yearly salary):Rhode Island – $42,083District the Columbia – $41,997Massachusetts – $41,452Minnesota – $41,428North Dakota – $40,749Top 5 highest possible paying cities (average annual salary):Livermore, CA – $39,882Seattle, WA – $38,707Boston, MA – $38,511Arlington, VA – $37,763Chicago, IL – $36,499

Work for Someone rather or very own Your very own Towing Company?


Being your very own boss comes through its own collection of challenges. While there space benefits to owning a company, there room also more responsibilities and liabilities. Together with any business, there are costs to it is in considered before making any decisions. Monthly prices will likely incorporate rent, truck payment(s), gas, insurances, marketing, and repair bills. Added expenses show off uniforms, phones, staff, and office supplies. The biggest benefits to owning room making all the decisions, maintaining the benefit margin, and also taking the organization as far as it can go.

As the employee that a company, a tow driver will certainly have certain limits. Unless the driver agrees to job-related overtime, the week finishes at 40 hours. Larger decisions are left for bosses come decide, and the job will likely be much more enjoyable. The fence is the wage increases may not happen as frequently, on-call and also overtime may be required, and there may be no room because that advancement. No everyone deserve to afford to very own their own business but working for a great employer who cares about their company is the next finest thing.

How countless Hours perform Tow Truck motorists Work on Average?


Like many occupations, chauffeurs work the normal 40-hour week. Overtime deserve to be expected since tow truck driving is no a 9-5 business, specifically when the weather is bad. Chauffeurs are often on call during the winter and also getting called out to accident scene or car in the ditch are common occurrences.


Holidays and also long weekends typically see a rise in calls as well. When a driver has actually put in your 40 hours, many are entitled to overtime pay defense under the same Labor criter Act at a rate of 1.5 times your hourly wage. 

How to increase Tow van Driver Pay

If a tow van driver desires to view a bigger paycheck at the finish of the week, there are several means this deserve to be accomplished. Proceeding education is a great way to gain an employee to see potential and reward that with added income. The much more courses and also certifications a driver has, the higher their pay scale will be. Brand-new courses room being offered through various establishments on a constant basis so maintaining on optimal of this is a must.

Increasing skill sets likewise tend to analyze into extra money. Because that example, a tow van driver who only works through conventional tow trucks might wish to train on a full-float truck. Keeping mechanical skills and automobile knowledge existing can likewise be a huge boost.

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No hard numbers exist on precisely how many tow vehicle drivers are in the united States, yet average data argues that that is several hundred thousand. This much needed and often under-appreciated job draws people who certain love what they do. If task security, great pay, and also the desire to assist others are appealing, ending up being a tow van driver is the profession to watch towards.