Ritchie Valens network Worth as soon as He Died: Richard Steven Valenzuela, recognized professionally together Ritchie Valens, was a mexican American singer, songwriter, and guitarist. A rock and roll pioneer and also a forefather that the Chicano rock movement, Valens’ recording job lasted eight months, together it abruptly ended when he died in a aircraft crash.

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• very first Name: Ritchie• center Name: Steven• critical Name: Valens• complete Name: Richard Steven Valenzuela• alternate Name: Richie Valens, Ritchie Valens• Age: 17 (age at death) years• Birthday: 13th may 1941• Birthplace: Pacoima, san Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California, USA• Died: third February 1959• location of Death: clean Lake, Iowa, USA• reason of Death: plane Crash• Height: 5′ 7″ (170 cm)• Weight: 165lbs (75 kg)• Build: Average• Eye C: Brown – Dark• Hair C: Brown – Dark• Distinctive Feature: Dimples• Zodiac Sign: Taurus• Sexuality: Straight• Religion: roman inn Catholic• Ethnicity: Multiracial• Nationality: American• High School: mountain Fernando High School• Profession: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist• Profession: Singer• Ritchie Valens net Worth 2020: $5 Million• insurance claim to Fame: La Bamba• Music Genre (Text): Rock and roll, Chicano rock• Music Genre: Pop/Rock• Year(s) Active: 1957–1959• Music Style: rock & Roll• Music Mood: Party/Celebratory, Amiable/Good-Natured, Energetic, Exuberant, Playful, Passionate, Fun, Rambunctious, Carefree, Summery, Cheerful, Happy, Rousing, Freewheeling, Lively, Innocent, Rollicking• Instrument: Guitar, Vocals• tool (text): Guitar, Vocals• document Label: Del-Fi Records• shoe Size: 9• Father: Steven• Mother: Concepcion ‘Concha’• Brother: Robert ‘Bob’ Morales, Mario Ramirez• Sister: Connie, Irma• family Member: Ernie Valens (Nephew)• Friend: The large Bopper, friend Holly• favourite TV Shows: Ed Sullivan Show• favourite Foods: Mexican

How lot is Ritchie Valens net Worth 2020?

According to Forbes, Ritchie Valens network Worth 2020 is $5 million. He learned to play the guitar v his ideal hand, even though that is normally left-handed.

• source of Income: Singer, Songwriter

Personal Life

Ritchie Valens was no married, however he was still at institution with a girl named Donna Ludwig. She is the design template of the famous song ‘Donna’. Top top February 3, 1959, during a charter expedition to clear Lake, Iowa, Ritchie Valens and two musicians were eliminated in a airplane crash. That day was called “the day once the music died.”

• cause of Death: plane Crash


In 1958, Bob Keane, the owner that a record agency called Del-Fi Records, expressed interest in Ritchie Valens and signed his name immediately after his an initial audition.

It to be Bob Keane that asked that to adjust his surname to Ritchie Valens. Ritchie Valens’s an initial album was performed at the Venus Studio in Hollywood, and the tune “Ritchie Valens – The lost Tapes” by Del-Fi Records.

The two famous tracks top top the album space “Ritchie’s Blues” and also “Donna”. The song “La Bamba” ended up being a hot topic. Ritchie Valens has a very short career however a solid talent together a musician.

He has produced a lot of works that music lovers love. His many famous and important work is the song “La Bamba” exit in 1958. Although it is a remake of a mexico song, that is Valens’ improvisation that provides this track a popular song. Ritchie Valens net Worth is affected by his career.Awards

Ritchie Valens walk not success any major awards in his life, however his talent and also influence top top the music industry are unquestionable because he was the an initial musician to carry Mexican music come the front. That was chosen to the Rock and also Roll hall of reputation in 2001.

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