us made a swing set out of 6x6 posts. The horizontal is 2 6x6s, bolted with each other one on optimal of the other spanning 12".

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Is this strong enough for 3 huge kids to swing at same time?



where deserve to I buy a set of plans because that the swingset explained above, 3 swings using only 6 x 6 posts and also beams?
I"m sure that will certainly be fine.

The American wood Council has a totally free load table table on their website.

If you i think a conservative 1400psi allowable bending stress, a solitary 6x6 through 12" span can support about 2000 lbs. So your twin 6x6 deserve to support at the very least 4000 lbs (possibly an ext if you execute a an excellent job bonding the two members together so that there"s no slip in between the faces).

If you have 3 swings, you have to assume the each one is packed. Let"s say each individual swing has actually 3 children at 150 lbs each, because that a complete of 1350 lbs. for this reason you"re no that close to the waver limit. You can hang your automobile from those posts and still have a for sure structure.

If you take it a look in ~ a swing set or jungle gym at a regional park, I"m sure you"ll discover much skimpier designs.

While I"m quite confidant the your dual 6x6s will effectively support the bending caused by the kids, you should make sure the remainder of the framework is adequate. Friend didn"t ask around this in your question so maybe that way you have actually it every figured out, yet you must be careful not come overlook:

The upright supports. Together Michael Karas says, there will certainly be significant lateral momentum from 3 kids swinging.

The connection in between the horizontal piece and also its supports. Especially since you seem to be making this for usage by active kids and also not simply toddlers, you want to make certain that the beam doesn"t loss off the supports v a many synchronized swinging. Consider metal brackets (e.g. "hurricane ties") come strengthen that joint.

With 3 swings there will certainly be a most momentum and I think you"re going to desire the totality swing collection anchored come the ground. You absolutely don"t want the whole thing tipping over. Take into consideration that a solitary 6x6x12" article weighs around 100 lbs. Girlfriend don"t desire that falling on a kid.

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EDIT: together The angry Greebo points the end in the comment below, the swinging movement will create added force top top the beam—as much as 3x the weight, if the kids can obtain up to 90˚. I"m still much more than comfortable v the structure; when it"s conceivable that 3 chubby children could heap on a single swing, i seriously doubt they could all swing that high in unison.