Eric Allan Kramer is an American personality actor that has appeared in many movies and television programs, including True Romance and Good happy Charlie. However, he is finest known as Dave Rogers top top The Hughleys. 

Today we will certainly be talking much more about this remarkable actor who has remained in the entertainment industry for more than years now. Native his personal life to experienced life, all will be unraveled appropriate here.

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Eric Allan Kramer

Let’s start with some amazing facts.

Eric Allan Kramer: quick Facts

Full Name:Age:Birth Date:Horoscope:Birth Place:Nationality:Ethnicity:Education:Height:Hair color:Eye color:Profession:Active year:Net Worth:Social Media:
Eric Allan Kramer
57 years
March 26, 1962
Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
University of Alberta
6 feet 3 inches(191 cm)
Actor, struggle Choreographer
$2 million
Instagram, Twitter

Age and Height: just how Old Is Eric Allan Kramer?

The veteran actor to be born in the year 1962, which makes him 57 years together of now. He was born top top the 26th that March under the birth authorize of Aries. Also, world born under this sign are known to be independent and also resourceful.

Moreover, the American actor stands in ~ the height of 6 feet 3 inches(191 cm) while his weight and also other measurements are unknown. Not to mention, the actor has actually brown hair and also stunning blue eyes.

Early Life and Education

The talented American actor, Eric Allan Kramer, to be born in grand Rapids, Michigan, the United states of America. He to be born come his father, i get it Kramer, a former CFL player, while his mother’s names room still dark.

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Similarly, Kramer is American by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. Also, he has actually not pointed out much about his siblings. As for his education, the veteran actor visited the university of Alberta in Edmonton, wherein he learned the BFA program.

Likewise, it was there he came to be familiar with theatre and also started acting in television and also movie, and also a struggle choreographer.

Professional Life: Movies and TV Shows

From his university days, Kramer emerged his acting an abilities and determined to seek them. That made his debut native the 1987 series, The Gunfighters, wherein he play the duty of Luke Collins. 

Moreover, he likewise starred in other shows, consisting of The tremendous Hulk Returns(1988), Murder, She Wrote(1988), Roseanne(1989), cultivation Pains(1989), and Cheers(1989). Likewise, Kramer additionally made his movie debut from the 1990 film Quest for the Mighty Sword as Ator.

Eric Allan Kramer in good Luck Charlie as Bob Duncan

Since his debut, Kramer has actually been functioning in the entertainment people both as an actor and fight choreographer. He has done plenty of movies under his name, and some of them are Robin Hood: males in Tights(1993), True Romance(1993), High institution High(1996), Grilled(2006), LA Apocalypse(2015), Pitching Tents(2017), and also more.

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However, his ability is not minimal to the silver display only. In fact, the veteran actor has actually acted in an ext than dozens of tv shows, including physician Doctor(1990), empty Nest(1991-1994), polite Wars(1992), Wings(1992), Bob(1993), Mad around You(1997), Pacific Blue(1998), The O.C.(2003), Monk(2006), My surname Is Earl(2009), Bones(2015), Shooter(2016), Mom(2018) and also much more.

Net Worth and Income: just how Much Is Eric Allan Kramer Worth?

As that 2019, the multitalented actor has actually an superior net worth of $2 million. The makes most of his revenue from his career together an gibbs in television and also movies. Not to mention, Kramer also makes extra bucks indigenous his career together a fight choreographer.

However, he has yet come reveal any detailed details when it involves his income and assets. But we will make sure to upgrade you ~ above this matter as quickly as possible.

Eric Allan Kramer: personal Life

When it come to an individual life, Kramer’s life is complete of mystery. Just as the is open about his skilled experience as soon as it involves his very own life, he locks himself up. Till now, he has not pointed out anything around his family and close relatives.

Moreover, Kramer has remained in the industry for an ext than twenty years, and still, nobody knows if the is married or not. And it certainly raises couple of eyebrows here and also there. Likewise, his secrecy has led countless fans to inquiry his sex-related preferences.

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But regardless of everyone’s effort, nobody has obtained any vital information that could give us a lead. That does not typical we will provide up. We will make certain to upgrade you ~ above this matter as quickly as us make progress.