Cincinnati Reds announcer Marty Brennaman, right, shakes hands through Cincinnati Mayor man Cranley, left, alongside his wife Amanda Ingram, center, before a baseball game against the Milwaukee Brewers, Thursday, Sept. 26, 2019, in Cincinnati. The 77-year-old broadcaster is retiring ~ 46 years. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

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Marty is looking forward to spending more time with Amanda yet don’t blame her for the retiring native the broadcast booth.”

For the critical dozen years of Marty Brennaman’s broadcast career with the Cincinnati Reds, those of us living in Ashland were blessed with a distinct view.That’s because Marty’s girlfriend and later wife, Amanda Ingram Brennaman, mutual him v us. Amanda is one Ashland girl and also her parents and sister space still here. Her household was v the rest throughout the celebration after Marty do his last contact Thursday.If you heard Marty’s farewell speech on the field, girlfriend heard that talk about his sweetheart.“She been everything to me,” Brennaman said. “We’re 30 years difference in age and also we have the same birthdate. So i knew that was supposed to be. Every day ns wake up and she’s doing an ext and more things because that me 보다 she has to do.”Marty has actually been come a the majority of places but Amanda has actually directed him come plenty more. She’s been prefer an out-of-control travel agent and also they have actually started seeing the world. Amanda didn’t sit at residence in Cincinnati as soon as the Reds and also Marty to be on the road. She go along, trying out the ballparks and everything rather these great cities had actually to offer.“She’s been a exorbitant companion and traveled v me practically without exception,” that said. “Now, as I retire, we’ll invest even much more time together and that’s walk to it is in a bigger adjustment because that her than it will be because that me.”Marty is 77 year old and in fantastic shape to take trip or do whatever else the wants. He’s a baseball legend, already in the hall of fame in Cooperstown and also soon to sign up with the Reds room of Fame next summer in a solo tribute. So an ext baseball accolades space coming because that the man who has actually been the “Voice of the Reds” due to the fact that 1974.Marty is looking front to spending more time through Amanda but don’t blame her for him retiring indigenous the transfer booth.“I truly believe if i were solitary this time would have never take away place,” that said. “It’s not since of anything she has actually said or done. She’s stated a million times, ‘If you desire to work until you’re 100 years old, work until you’re 100. If you want to retire, retire.’ i did this of my own volition. The reality she’s my best friend and also partner have actually a lot of to do with it. We have actually places we desire to go and also things we want to do and also thank God I’m healthy sufficient to have the ability to do them.”That can mean more trips come Ashland because that the Brennamans, that are regular visitors. Last year they were even the grand marshals because that Ashland’s famous Christmas parade.He has been spotted in ~ football games and various various other places, politely signing autographs or posing because that selfies. Lock were almost everywhere Facebook the past pair of days. Amanda writes a shaft for the weekly newspaper around the Reds and also their adventures. She also provided me through rare access to she husband for stories as soon as I was working at the newspaper in Ashland. I’ll be forever grateful.In 2014, when the Salvation army in Ashland want to do a winter fundraiser, he agreed to be the keynote speak (at no charge) for the warm Stove Luncheon. It was a huge success for two reasons: Marty Brennaman.While Cincinnati own this baseball legend and also the Brennamans will likely never relocate away native there, Ashland deserve to lay a small claim on the too because of Amanda, his on-the-go wife.MARK MAYNARD is managing editor of Kentucky Today.