Hey again...I have Aspen-made evaporators BVR24 (info here: http://www.aspenmfg.com/documents/pr...G2480-0608.pdf ) on height of Lennox Value series furnaces in the basement and also attic, check out the photos below. I"d choose to clean the coils after 10 year of operation but there is no accessibility doors or removable panels in one of two people unit. The box seems to it is in made indigenous some type of non-metal material, maybe fiberglass. Just how would you access the coils because that cleaning? many thanks for the help, in advance!basement system: Imageshack - 1000603s.jpgImageshack - 1000602b.jpgImageshack - 1000606.jpgattic:Imageshack - 1000616r.jpg

Looks to me prefer whoever did the install offered ductboard, i beg your pardon is okay for ducts however definitely no for the coil. Ns think girlfriend will need to destroy the ductboard casing and also then one of two people redo it with new ductboard or do it properly with sheet metal.Just my opinion.

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some installers carry out it the way, ns don"t choose it because there is no accessibility to the coil, friend will need to make one, or have actually one made for you.
Thanks gents. What a crappy job...it to be Pulte Homes and also Reliance heating who built the house and also installed the system. Have to I simply reduced along the edge of the front plank to do an opening or could I clean the bottom side of the coils from under thru the furnace?If I cut the board is aluminum silver paper tape solid enough to save the item in ar or must I really try to construct some sort of a sheet steel door for the evaporator? Where need to I look for ideas?
Remove the silver- tape approximately the panel, eliminate the 5/16 customs screws follow me the organization panel, remove the inner triangular dashboard to get to the dirty side of her cased evaporator coil. Instance of inside panel...
Then you acquire to the hard part.
The capped an additional drain on the evaporator coil have to be piped under to the pan under your heater to safeguard your furnace when the primary drainpipe backs up.

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Thank friend Houston because that getting back on this!!! simply wondering...the "box" about the evaporator is do of fiberglass, i don"t recognize if there room the panel screws friend mention. If the is the situation I assumption: v I simply need to cut an opening in the board along the lines the you marked in the picture. Likewise I cannot check out aluminum tape at the edges, it is something that looks choose a silver- colored dough or caulk. I included the tape whereby the pipes gain into the box. This basement unit is ~ above concrete floor through no pan, I"ll number out something for the capped outlet. BTW house Depot sell "AC Flow" Evaporator Cleaner in a plastic spray bottle and shows a condenser unit in the bottle...is it because that the out unit father than for the indoor evaporator?
I check out a steel cased evaporator coil. I circled the screw locations on optimal of the steel panel. Girlfriend will additionally have 3 or 4 screws follow me the ideal side that the panel. You may additionally have 2 or 3 screws along the bottom of the panel.You have actually gray duct mastic over silver- duct tape. I"d start at the top right that the panel v my duct board knife come remove enough mastic come verify that 2 panels satisfy here. Part triangular within panels are an ext servicable 보다 the one i displayed.Does her coil cleaner screen No rinse Required? If you should rinse, it is for outdoor units. (or pumpdown removing and also cleaning exterior by a pro)Return wait leaks can obtain a coil very dirty.If a vertical evaporator coil is an extremely dirty, eco-friendly coil cleaner might not it is in enough.Remember the your heater motors, and also circuit boards need to not get wet or damages can occur.