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I" admit, this **** seemed infinitely impossible to kill on Sith first. After gaining stomped a few times, I identified an easy, albeit cheap, means to death him. This will feel cheap together hell when doing it and it won" be enjoyable, yet you" to win him relatively easily and shouldn" sustain much, if any, damage in the process if properly executed.

Basically every you should do is force Lightning him by only hitting Y as soon as he" top top the ground. Then run up and Force press him a bunch that times yes, really quick, knocking him off the platform. Girlfriend don" should charge it, simply hit B a bunch the times. It help to litter him right into walls if possible. If girlfriend don" knock that off, run up when he" quiet stunned and shot a few lightning combos. You can also sometimes pick him up, impale him, and also chuck em across the screen. Climate jump away and also repeat. If that goes off the edge, he" do his thing and also come flyin earlier down. Make certain not to it is in standing where he lands.

Repeat this process until friend piss that off and he spawns that large douchebag. If the biology is spawning organize the Left Trigger and hold Y to fee your lightning shield to full power. This works best if your force bar is full. Then just stand alongside his foot and wail ~ above him through combos. If your lightning shield is maxed out or at least at Level 2 in your upgrades, by just standing alongside him you will constantly electrocute and stun that so that can" defend himself when you" attacking his leg. You" take care of that prettty quick by doing this and shouldn" take any damage. Repeat that an approach on the if the an initial time doesn" take him out.

Kazdan will come ago down, repeat the an initial process until he paris off and tries throwning chunks of steel at you. I think this is an auto save point so if you dice after this, it" cool. Anyway, simply dodge every little thing he hurls in ~ you. There" no trick to it really, just keep moving. He" come ago down later on - again, force Lightning and also Force push him off.

He" it is in dead quite quick and also there ya go. Easy. Top top Sith Master.

I" certain this is a moot pointt and most that you already know this, yet hell, ns bet a the majority of you don"

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I read a topic whereby someone said throwing the statues in ~ him. The does very small damage. Simply be cheap and do what i said. Don" screw approximately with trying pressure Push uneven he" stunned and also don" waste time on lightsaber assaults unless he" stunned. He" dodge every little thing you litter at him and also he" gained a few attacks friend can" evade no matter what.

Every boss has their weakness in this game, you simply need to number it out. Usually it" means less facility that girlfriend think. Also, the only means you" really going to have the ability to beat this game on Sith master is if you" continuing your very first game and saving on the slot. You" need basically whatever maxed out in your upgrades to execute well. Spend your talent spheres wisely. If you start an entirely brand-new game on Sith Master, an excellent luck.