for this reason you’ve been seduced by guarantees of power and immortality (and cookies) native the Dark side of the force. Prior to your change into full-fledged Sith Lord begins you’re gonna require a name!

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The life that a Sith lord is one filled through anger, anger, and, well, much more anger. Various other staples in the Sith Lord’s emotionally diet include: rage, hatred, and fury, but at the an extremely least suppose to be usually annoyed many of the time.

Of course, yes sir also: lightsaber duels through Jedi scum, high-speed chases in super-fast spaceships, shooting pressure lightning from your fingers, lots of evil laughs, convoluted plots, admissions of fatherhood, and speaking to her apprentice in vague and also ominous sayings like: “You need to rise native the ashes of your former self to end up being the self that friend were intended to rise from the ashes indigenous to end up being today now.” (LOL, what?)



Anyway. If you’re reading this article, that looks choose you’ve favored the Dark Side, so before you head off into the much reaches that the galaxy hunting Jedi and enforcing the will of the Empire, we’re gonna need to help you uncover your Sith mr name. No time come waste, my apprentice — stop begin!



#1. The “I dropped Asleep throughout German Class” an approach


Did you understand that “Vader” means “Father” in German? ns bet all of the German folks watching Star battles for the first time thought, “Darth Father? Hmm, it is a weird name for a charac- oh, nevermind, provides sense.” for this method, choose a random word in German and also place it best after Darth!


1. Darth Vader. “Vader” is the german word because that “Father.” renders sense now, no it?

2. Darth Geist. “Geist” is the German word for “Ghost.” Spooky!

3. Darth Strudel. The “Strudel” is the nationwide dessert of Germany, and this surname is scheduled for just the most delicious that Sith Lords.

#2. The “Aggressive Verb” an approach

Remember just how I claimed Sith Lords are angry every the time? Well, periodically that anger find its way into your names. Because that this method, choose a verb the is forceful in its an interpretation and way something destructive and place it best after Darth!


1. Darth Maul. “Maul'' is a verb that way “to wound a human being or animal by scratching and also tearing.” ns told y’all this Sith to be angry. 

2. Darth Wallop. “Wallop” is a verb that way “hit forcefully.”

3. Darth Toot. Considering the way I fart, this an approach definitely applies.

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#3. The “I stopped Going come Anger management Sessions” technique


Because Sith Lords space all gung-ho about channeling their fury to become more powerful, this an approach revolves about picking a word that renders you feeling angry. Take the word and place it appropriate after Darth!


1. Darth Bane. Taken indigenous the canon, Darth Bane’s father used to tell the he to be the “bane” of his existence. Whenever he heard that word he would instantly get upset. Talk about a rough childhood. 

2. Darth Strep. Ns once acquired strep neck so negative I couldn’t talk for three weeks and of course ns had an essential presentation to offer at school. Ahhh, makes me therefore upset! 

3. Darth the One Time My brothers Ate the Last slice of Pizza. I think this one is pretty me explanatory. And I’m still not over it, Michael!


#4. The “More or much less or Both” technique


Generally, Sith determined words that would certainly invoke particular thoughts or emotions once they were heard. For this method, choose any kind of word that evokes an image that girlfriend want and then feel free to replace, remove, or add new letters to the name. For these, you’ll understand you walk it ideal if the name just rolls off the tongue in a creepy way


1. Darth Sidious is words “Insidious” there is no the letter “I” and also “N”

2. Darth Tyranus is the word “Tyrant” there is no the T” + “U” and also “S”

3. Darth Plagueis is the word “Plague” with an extra “IS” at the end!

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#5. The “Anagrams for the Win!” method


You may recognize this from the What’s your Bounty Hunter Name? generator, yet you can apply this an approach just as quickly to your Sith mr Name. Simply take an existing surname or noun (person, place, or thing) and rearrange some/all of the letters of the word. 


1. Darth Revan. Revan is a nonsense anagram for words “Raven.”

2. Darth Rabardol (we made this one up!). “Rabardol” is a nonsense anagram for the word “Labrador.”

3. Darth H’sootbruth (we do this one increase too!). “H’sootbruth” is a nonsense anagram for words “Toothbrush.”

#6. The “I to be at your Service, Master” technique


In Star wars lore, a Sith lord cannot just name themselves. Instead, their grasp must provide their apprentice a name. Because that this method, ask a friend, acquaintance, household member, or sworn adversary to become your Master and also come up v your Sith lord name!

Examples (My grasp didn’t take this one really seriously):

1. Darth Tater Tots

2. Darth mathematics Test 

3. Darth Deodorant 

4. Darth My tiny Pony


If you find yourself struggling to come up v the perfect Sith Lord name then maybe the life the a Bounty Hunter is a better fit for you?! If not, don’t overthink it, simply let the rage circulation through you, and most important just:

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