*Brake bleeding and also flushing are done in the very same fashion. Brake bleeding is releasing any type of air the is in her braking system. Not much fluid is released. Brake flushing is excellent the same means except you’re fully flushing out the old brake liquid with brand-new one.

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**If you’re wonder what liquid to use, I would recommend the you stick with Honda Dot3 brake fluid. If you’re planning on running a roadway course or perform canyon runs frequently, girlfriend should think about running high power DOT4 brake fluid in conjunction v stainless steel braided brake lines.

Tools needed: 10mm open finish wrench.Parts needed: clean bottle/container, 1/4″ clear tube (available at house Depot or OSH, brake fluid, funnel, 2nd person.

Step1: assistance the vehicle on jack stands and also remove wheels. Ar the wheels under the auto between the jack stands as added precaution.Step2a: (Bleeding) fill the brake fluid resovoir through brake fluid to the ‘Max’ heat or almost to the top.
Step2b: (Flushing) gain any type of pump or turkey baster and remove as lot brake fluid as you deserve to from the resovoir. As soon as completed, to fill the brake liquid resovoir through brake liquid to the ‘Max’ heat or practically to the top. For those who usage high performance brake fluid (DOT 4), ATE provides two brake fluids. One blue, and the other gold. It provides flushing your device much easier since you can tell when the system has actually been totally flushed.Step3: start with the driver next front brake. Remove the dust cap from the bleeder valve. Place one end of the 1/4″ clear tube over the valve opening. Fill the clear bottle through clean brake liquid to about 1 to 2 inches, and also place the other finish of the clear tube in the fluid.Step4: have the second person pump the brakes till the pedal is get the height then organize a consistent pressure on the pedal. Using a 10mm open end wrench, loosen and open the valve around 90 degrees. Have the 2nd person permit you recognize when the pedal is virtually to the floor, climate close the bleeder. Most people construct a system. The individual pump the brakes will call out, ‘up’; the individual controlling the bleeder will open the valve; once the pedal is almost to the floor, the male pressing the pedal will speak to out, ‘down’; the bleeder guy will climate close the valve and also call out ‘go’; the pedal man will pump the brakes ago up and the sequence starts over. *Apply firm press on the brake pedal however don’t end muscle that or you have the right to blow a seal.**For bleeding, I would certainly recommend that you repeat the process about fifty percent a dozen times. Because that flushing, I would certainly recommend around a dozen time or till you feeling comfortable the the old fluid is fully out.
Brake bleeding sequence: 1) Driver next front, 2) passenger next front, 3) passenger side rear, 4) driver side rear.

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*NOTE: If you adjusted the brake present or various other upgrade whereby air was presented to the braking system, I very recommend the you re-bleed the brakes again after about 2 work of driving.

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