How do I go around with bleeding the clutch fluid from a H22a1. Every time I press down ~ above the clutch pedal, it drop directly down come the floor. I seen the hydradic on the transmission, and also found fluid had leaked out. A an excellent amount clutch liquid had leaked the end everywhere. I simply want come bleed the clutch fluid, and tighten bolts to check out if it to be a lose bolt. So, I require some details on just how to bleed the clutch fluid. Thanks!
The bleeder should be close to the transmission and also should have a rubber cover end the finish of it, girlfriend will need someone to help you v this,take the cap off that the clutch understand cylinder, then loosen the bleeder and have someone press down the clutch pedal and also hold it come the floor, climate tighten under the bleeder, then the pedal can be exit from the floor, inspect the fluid level, repeat if necessary.

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Apr 3 2005, 08:28 PMIf you"re yes, really slick, and also pump slow, it"s also possible to operation that exact same hose right earlier to the understand resevoir. No fluid is lost except for what is essential to displace the air in the system. It have the right to be messy if friend aren"t careful.
damn, you"re walking to need a long hose for that....I"d quite buy much more brake fluid....I believed I was CHEAP jk
Yeah, i bled the clutch liquid with the aid of my buddy. I uncovered out what the problem was through the clutch. The servant cylinder has actually a crack which is leaking the clutch fluid. I"m planning to replace the slave cylinder. So, ns guess I"ll need assist with instead of the servant cylinder. Does anyone know just how to it change the servant cylinder? thanks to everyone for the advantageous advice because that bleeding clutch fluid.
the servant is straightforward to replace2 bolts, 1 hydraulic line....maybe 2 extra.Pull the off, placed the new one on and bleed away.It"s real easy ~ above FWD ~ above a FR Porsche, it was a bitch
Instructions come bleed Clutch release system.
Tools needed:A sharp a object. Such together a Knife or shank.A great set of eyes.Procedure:Step 1: situate the rubber ar of her hydraulic clutch line that feeds right into the Clutch servant Cylinder.Step 2: take the knife and stab it.Step 3: using your get collection of eyes, clock it bleed. ^^^^ dont perform that... OP, if friend had fluid everywhere and also its not from a damaged line. Then your going to must replace that servant cylinder. Which should cost about 20 bucks (for a civic) or so. Clutch cylinders arent hard to do, but bleeding lock is fun too for me atleast. Basically your going to bleed it like brakes. Your buddy it s okay in there and pumps the pedal, then holds the down, climate you relax the pressure. Then you repeat till your satisfied with it.

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ask her friend for help or if you could find a means to press and hold the clutch pedal down using your car"s driver"s seat climate her car"s hood and the clutch fluid reservoir.2.tell you girlfriend to press down the clutch pedal and also hold the situate the servant cylinder, and also as your friend has actually his foot pressing down the clutch pedal you will see that the advertise rod the the slave cylinder is expanded (open). Now open the bleeder (becareful v the fluid not to spill on your eyes) and also as you open the bleeder you will certainly see liquid coming out and the pushing rod going earlier to its original position, as soon as the advertise rod stops and also with the bleeder tho open, push the rod all the method inside untill it stops and hold that there, currently tighten the bleeder and also then let walk of the advertise rod. Together you perform this extra action you will certainly see more fluid and some air bubbles come out with the no pull increase the clutch pedal yet. Add some liquid to the reservoir, enough so that the level is at the max or your friend might now traction up the clutch pedal. Examine the reserviour again, and add fluid sufficient so that the level is at the max line.repeat measures 2 with 5 four times. Once you are done do not forget come close the liquid reservoir and remove any kind of tools provided from the engine bay, yet remember to go for a ride.
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