I’ve been trying since it became easily accessible but ns haven’t had any type of luck. I have tried the aquamarine every possibility I’ve had and also nothing. I have bred numerous pairs in the caves in the occasion for the hooded and also nothing. Go anyone know good pairs come breed because that these two?


I acquired aquamarine utilizing level 16 river and iceberg (I think it to be those two). I acquired it in runic caves. I tried a couple of times in the epic breeding cave yet I made decision the runic caves would be far better to shot simply due to the fact that I'd get an ext chances as result of the decrease ind reproduction time.

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Ah say thanks to you I’ll go level lock up higher now. It’s the same two i have used reason I heard it is the ideal pair

Hooded to be extremely difficult for me, ns think i bought it through eggs in the finish last year, ns can't remember. I got aquamarine reasonably quickly v level 17s flow n Iceberg

Yeah I’ve been trying the hooded in the runic caves and also have finished up through rainbows, electrum and a Platinum dragon but no hooded lmao

As lengthy as girlfriend are adhering to the breeding requirements that the dragons, girlfriend can obtain them. Try breeding in the rift or epic reproduction island with level 11 and over dragons to increase your chances

I’m not a high sufficient level for the rift yet and also I have all dragon on 11 or an ext now so i’m gonna save trying!

I bred Hooded ns the Rift v Satin + Nectar, both level 16, took me a couple of weeks. Still haven’t bred it in a non-Rift park at all, and also that’s counting main plus three alts (and been reproduction for that constantly in Runic caves, sometimes multiple Runic caves).

Bred Aquamarine in my main park years earlier (returned to the video game in fall 2020 after a six year hiatus), haven’t been trying top top alt accounts, so ns can’t speak to that one.

*edited to exactly to Satin + Nether. Autocorrect no me.

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