So i came across this (and a forge) dragon now in the shop after a girlfriend pointed it the end to me. It suggests in the summary that this is a limited time only dragon therefore that hints that over there are limitations to it. Once trying to breed other minimal time dragons ns am wonder what various other requirements might be ~ above this dragon to advice its precious in breeding. I can see the it is a Fire and also an Air mix so ns am looking in ~ what the Other requirements are to it.

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According to the Dragonvale Wikia:

The Firework Dragon deserve to be bred by choosing a fire dragon come mate with an wait dragon in ~ the reproduction Cave/Epic reproduction Island. Breeding a fire dragon through an wait dragon might also result in a Blazing Dragon.

It has a Breeding time that 6 hrs (4 hours and 48 minutes on one upgraded island), and an Incubation time that 6 hours.

Note that you must be level 14 or higher in stimulate to breed a Firework Dragon.

According to the in-game tool tip, the Firework Dragon will certainly be available until July 20th. Supposedly it can still be bred, despite it doesn"t show up in the shop anymore.

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Having just regulated to breed 2 of castle in a row, i wouldn"t worry too much about the minimal availability.

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