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By yavin9999

POKEMON BREEDINGandEGG GROUPS*****************************************************************Contents:1. Basic Information2. Breeding3. Egg Groups4. Q & A5. Contact Me*****************************************************************If girlfriend would like to write-up this FAQ on another site, pleaseemail me. Ns am an ext then happy come share, so lengthy as i amproperly attributed for mine work.*****************************************************************Pokemon BreedingWhere carry out I go to breed?The day treatment center ~ above Island 4. In stimulate to reach Island 4 youmust have actually done the following:*Logged end 60 different Pokemon in your Pokedex*Battled the E4 and also become the Pokemon Champion.*Received the nationwide Dex indigenous Professor Oak.*Retrieved the Ruby because that Celio native Mt. Ember.How perform I breed.Place 2 pokemon, 1 male and 1 female, native the very same egg

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group into the center. When reproduction 2 different kinds ofPokemon, the an outcome will always be the exact same Pokemon asthe female. Example: masculine Treecko + woman Mudkip =Mudkip. However, there is one exemption to this rule, and also that is Ditto. Ditto can breed with any Pokemon, except for those in the "none" egg group, and also the result egg will certainly bethat that the other Pokemon. Example: masculine Charmander + Ditto= Charmander.How perform I get an egg?If the Pokemon are from the exact same egg group, you will certainly alwaysget one egg. The moment it takes because that them come make that egg varies.When ns say time ns am introduce to the number of steps girlfriend takeafter dropping turn off the Pokemon. So if you stand still outsidethe Day treatment just waiting, you will never obtain an egg.How long do I have to wait till my Pokemon have actually an egg?Talk to the male standing simply inside the fence. He will make1 the 4 comments:-"They're very friendly"*It will take just a few steps before the egg is ready.-"The 2 seem to obtain along"*It will take a rather a few steps.-"The 2 don't it seems ~ to get along"*It will take a an excellent deal of steps.-"The two favor to beat with other Pokemon"*Incompatible egg groups. You will certainly never acquire an egg.You will understand when friend egg is ready since the old manwill step external of the fence. Speak to the with only 5 Pokemonor less in your party to obtain the egg.Help! i can't gain Azirill or Wynaut!There are 2 special Pokemon, Marill and Wobbuffett, thatwon't product babys unless on that them are holding a one-of-a-kind item. Because that Marill, it have to be Sea Incense and for Wobbuffett the is Lax Incense.I have my egg, now exactly how do i hatch it?Eggs hatch after you have walked a particular amount of steps.You can either leave the egg in your party and continue onyour journey, or girlfriend can force hatch that by to dance on yourbike and flying around. I typically ride in this loop: start at the optimal of the cycling road, go down to Fuchsia City, then as much as Lavender Town, through Saffron and also Celadon City, and also backto the cycling road.Inherited movesWhile the mrs Pokemon determines what type of Pokemonwill hatch, the male determines what move they will certainly know.Egg moves space moves the a Pokemon would certainly not normallyknow top top its own, but is passed down to if from the father.Example: Altaria deserve to learn Dragon Dance, yet Bagon can't.Pair a masculine Altaria v Dragon Dance v a female Bagonand friend will get a Bagon that knows Dragon Dance. By thissame method, TMs and HMs can be taught to the baby.Why need to I breed if i can capture that Pokemon in the wild?Each and also every Pokemon is different. Capture 2 identicalPokemon and also compare your stats. There will be differences.Breeding offers you several advantages. Because that starters it allowsyou to raise the Pokemon from level 5. Allows say i train 2 Zubatsone native level 5 and one the I recorded at level 20. By the time theyreach level 100, the one ns trained native level 5 will always haveslightly far better stats. 2nd advantage to breeding is youget to choose what personality friend Pokemon is, allowingyou to select which stats raise much faster on that Pokemon.Third and final factor is you can pick which properties aPokemon has if it deserve to learn much more then one. Example: Rhyhorncan either have the characteristics Lightning stick or rock Head. Friend cankeep on reproduction Rhyhorns until you obtain one v the desiredtrait.*****************************************************************Egg GroupsMost Pokemon belong to one of two people 1 or 2 egg groups. SomePokemon perform not belong to any egg groups, but can tho breedwith the Ditto. You can only breed Magnimite through Ditto.Pokemon choose this i will contact "Neutral". Part Pokemoncan't each other at all, like pre-evolved or legendary Pokemon.They are noted as "None".In stimulate to save time and shorten the list, ns will only name thefirst Pokemon in an advancement series. For example, Treecko willbe ~ above this list, yet not its progressed forms. The factor for this iseven after a Pokemon evolves, that is egg team stays the same.# Pokemon --------------------Egg group01 Treecko---------------------Monster / Dragon04 Torchic----------------------Field07 Mudkip----------------------Monster / Water 110 Poochyena-------------------Field12 Zigzagoon-------------------Field14 Wurmple---------------------Bug19 Lotad-----------------------Grass / Water 122 Seedot----------------------Grass / Field25 Taillow---------------------Flying27 Wingull---------------------Flying / Water 129 Ralts-----------------------Amorphous32 Surskit---------------------Bug / Water34 Shroomish-------------------Grass / Fairy36 Slakoth---------------------Field39 Abra------------------------Human-Like42 Nincada---------------------Bug44 Shedinja--------------------None45 Whismur---------------------Monster / Field48 Makuhita--------------------Human-Like50 Goldeen---------------------Water 252 Magikarp--------------------Dragon / Water 254 Azurill---------------------None55 Marill----------------------Fairy / Water 157 Geodude---------------------Mineral60 Nosepass--------------------Mineral61 Skitty----------------------Fairy / Field63 Zubat-----------------------Flying66 Tentacool-------------------Water 368 Sableye---------------------Human-Like69 Mawile----------------------Fairy / Field70 Aron------------------------Monster73 Machop----------------------Human-Like76 Meditite--------------------Human-Like78 Electrike-------------------Field81 Plusle----------------------Fairy82 Minun-----------------------Fairy82 Magnemite-------------------Neutral84 Voltorb---------------------Neutral86 Volbeat---------------------Bug / Human-Like88 Oddish----------------------Grass92 Doduo-----------------------Flying94 Roselia---------------------Grass / Fairy95 Gulpin----------------------Amorphous97 Carvanha--------------------Water 299 Wailmer---------------------Field / Water 2101 Numel----------------------Field103 Slugma---------------------Amorphous105 Torkoal--------------------Field106 Grimer---------------------Amorphous108 Koffing--------------------Amorphous110 Spoink---------------------Field112 Sandshrew------------------Field114 Spinda---------------------Human-Like / Field115 Skarmory-------------------Flying116 Trapinch-------------------Bug119 Cacnea---------------------Grass / Human-Like120 Cacturne-------------------None121 Swablu---------------------Flying / Dragon123 Zangoose-------------------Field124 Seviper--------------------Dragon / Field125 Lunatone-------------------None126 Solrock--------------------None127 Barboach-------------------Water 2129 Corphish-------------------Water 1 / Water 3131 Baltoy---------------------None133 Lileep---------------------Water 3135 Anorith--------------------Water 3137 Igglybuff------------------None138 Jigglypuff-----------------Fairy140 Feebas---------------------Dragon / Water 1142 Castform-------------------Fairy / Amorphous143 Staryu---------------------Neutral145 Kecleon--------------------Field146 Shuppet--------------------Amorphous148 Duskull--------------------Amorphous150 Tropius--------------------Grass / Monster151 Chimecho-------------------Amorphous152 Absol----------------------Field153 Vulpix---------------------Field155 Pichu----------------------None156 Pikachu--------------------Fairy / Field158 Psyduck--------------------Field / Water 1160 Wynaut---------------------None161 Wobbuffet------------------Amorphous162 Natu-----------------------Flying164 Girafarig------------------Field165 Phanpy---------------------Field167 Pinsir---------------------Bug168 Heracross------------------Bug169 Rhyhorn--------------------Monster / Field171 Snorunt--------------------Mineral / Fairy173 Spheal---------------------Field / Water 1176 Clamperl-------------------Water 1179 Relicanth------------------Water 1 / Water 2180 Corsola--------------------Water 1 / Water 3181 Chinchou-------------------Water 2183 Luvdisc--------------------Water 2184 Horsea---------------------Dragon / Water 1187 Bagon----------------------Dragon190 Beldum---------------------None193 Regirock-------------------None194 Regice---------------------None195 Registeel------------------None196 Latias---------------------None197 Latios---------------------None198 Kyogre---------------------None199 Groudon--------------------None200 Rayquaza-------------------None201 Jirachi--------------------None202 Deoxys---------------------None203 Bulbasaur------------------Grass / Monster206 Charmander-----------------Monster / Dragon209 Squirtle-------------------Monster / Water 1212 Caterpie-------------------Bug215 Weedle---------------------Bug218 Pidgey---------------------Flying221 Rattata--------------------Field223 Spearow--------------------Flying225 Ekans----------------------Field / Dragon227 Nidoran (F)----------------Monster / Field230 Nidoran (M)----------------Monster / Field233 Clefairy-------------------Fairy235 Paras----------------------Grass / Bug237 Venonat--------------------Bug239 Diglett--------------------Field241 Meowth---------------------Field243 Mankey---------------------Field245 Growlithe------------------Field247 Poliwag--------------------Water 1250 Bellsprout-----------------Grass253 Ponyta---------------------Field255 Slowpoke-------------------Monster / Water 1257 Farfetch'd-----------------Flying258 Seel-----------------------Field / Water 1260 Shelder--------------------Water 3262 Gastly---------------------Amorphous265 Onix-----------------------Mineral266 Drowzee--------------------Human-Like268 Krabby---------------------Water 3270 Exeggcute------------------Grass272 Cubone---------------------Monster274 Hitmonlee------------------Human-Like275 Hitmonchan-----------------Human-Like276 Lickitung------------------Monster277 Chansey--------------------Fairy278 Tangela--------------------None279 Kangaskhan-----------------Monster280 Mr. Mime-------------------Human-Like281 Scyther--------------------Bug282 Jynx-----------------------Human-Like283 Electabuzz-----------------Human-Like284 Magmar---------------------Human-Like285 Tauros---------------------Field286 Lapras---------------------Water 1 / Monster287 Ditto----------------------All ^-^288 Eevee----------------------Field292 Porygon--------------------Neutral293 Omanyte--------------------Water 1 / Water 3295 Kabuto---------------------Water 1 / Water 3297 Aerodactyl-----------------Flying298 Snorlax--------------------Monster299 Articuno-------------------None300 Zapdos---------------------None301 Moltres--------------------None302 Dratini--------------------Dragon / Water 1305 Mewtwo---------------------None306 Mew------------------------None307 Chikorita------------------Grass / Monster310 Cyndaquil------------------Field313 Totodile-------------------Monster / Water 1316 Sentret--------------------Field318 Hoothoot-------------------Flying320 Ledyba---------------------Bug322 Spinarak-------------------Bug325 Togepi---------------------None326 Togetic--------------------Fairy / Flying327 Mareep---------------------Field / Monster330 Sudowoodo------------------Mineral332 Hoppip---------------------Grass / Fairy335 Aipom----------------------Field336 Sunkern--------------------Grass338 Yanma----------------------Bug339 Wooper---------------------Field / Water 1343 Murkrow--------------------Flying345 Misdreavus-----------------Amorphous346 Unown----------------------None347 Pineco---------------------Bug349 Dunsparce------------------Field350 Gligar---------------------Bug352 Snubull--------------------Fairy / Field354 Qwilfish-------------------Water 2356 Shuckle--------------------Bug357 Sneasel--------------------Field358 Teddiursa------------------Field360 Swinub---------------------Field362 Remoraid-------------------Water 2364 Delibird-------------------Field365 Mantine--------------------Water 1366 Houndour-------------------Field369 Stantler-------------------Field370 Smeargle-------------------Field371 Tyrogue--------------------None372 Hitmontop------------------Human-Like373 Smoochum-------------------None374 Elekid---------------------None375 Magby----------------------None376 Miltank--------------------Field378 Raikou---------------------None379 Entei----------------------None380 Suicune--------------------None381 Larvitar-------------------Monster384 Lugia----------------------None385 Ho-oh----------------------None386 Celebi---------------------None*****************************************************************Q & ADon't understand something, then email me. I will write-up theanswer below for everybody.Q: What pokemon execute i use so the the outcome is the sameas the masculine one?A: Ditto's biggest quality is the it deserve to breed with any Pokemon,with the exception of Pokemon belonging to the "None" egg group,and reason the resulting egg come contain the other Pokemon. This way you can breed more of a Pokemon even if that is a male.****************************************************************Contact meI will certainly be an ext then happy come answer any type of breeding related questions that you may have, that are not spanned in my FAQ.NOTE: ns don't use cheating devices, so please do not asking me forcodes for them.Send emails come yavin9999