My brother failed to save before battling the legendary (Groudon), and saved later on when his team had been wiped the end by Groudon. Upon return to the cavern of Origin, to the same spot the Groudon very first spawned, the is not there. What deserve to be done to make him respawn for this reason he have the right to be combated again, in order to advance in the story?



If you acquired wiped the end by your legendary during the story, renter the cave of Origin. Top top the second floor once going down, there is the normal stair-case, and another entrance come the west. Take the entrance and keep walk downwards the way. You need to eventually be able to encounter your particular legendary in an additional room.

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Where you discover Groudon is when it takes friend somewhere and also you battle its Primal form, right? If storage serves me appropriate there"s another method you deserve to go in the cavern that leads to wherein the actual struggle happens. This other means is clogged off till Groudon/Kyogre take you to whereby the actual battle occurs but because you"ve done the scene it need to be fine.


You can rebattle any type of legendary friend havn"t however captured, whether you death it or obtain wiped out. Just defeat the elite four again and also the legendary will certainly reappear whereby it naturally lives, or if a moving pokèmon, starts teleporting again.


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