Learn exactly how to set the clock ~ above the factory stereo in the Honda public coupe and sedan utilizing these steps.

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2016-2019 Models

Non-touch screen models:Press and also hold the “MENU/CLOCK” button.Rotate the selector knob to choose the hour. Press the knob in come toggle come the minutes setting.Select the minutes. Pick “Set” once you’re done.Touch display models

Note: some touch display models set the clock automatically.

From the “Home” screen, walk to “Settings” > “Clock” > “Clock Adjustment“.Adjust the hour and also minute values. Pick “OK” as soon as you’re done.

2012-2015 Models

Turn the ignition come “ON“.Press the clock stem button, situated on the instrument dashboard to the upper-left over the steering wheel.Turn the stem to toggle the hours. Push the stem to toggle to setup minutes.Turn the stem to collection the minutes. Press the stem as soon as you’re done, and also the clock is set.


Turn the ignition to “ON“.Press and hold the “Clock” switch until the moment starts come blink.Use the “Preset 1” button to readjust the hour.Use the “Preset 2” button to readjust the minutes.

1998-2005 Models

Turn the ignition to “ON“.Press and also hold one the following buttons until you listen a beep relying on your stereo:“Clock““SCAN/RPT” and also “AUX” together.“Sound“The clock should be flashing. Adjust the hrs by pushing “Preset 4“.Change the minute by pushing “Preset 5“.On some models, you may need to use “Preset 5” and “Preset 6” to make the time go increase or down.

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Press and hold the “Clock“, “SCAN/RPT and “AUX“, or “Sound” button to collection the set time.

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