How in the hell carry out I reset the bluetooth to english in mine 2010 1500 chevy silverado? that is utilizing French & the owners manual is likewise in French. Can someone assist me?



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I uncovered this online..............The Bluetooth Hands totally free system is accessible in English, French, or Spanish. To adjust the language, follow these steps: 1. Press and hold the phone Send button for in ~ least 5 seconds. 2. After being prompted by the system, press the Phone end button. 3. If the device is at this time in English, push Phone Send to select Spanish, or Phone finish to select French. If the system is at this time in Spanish, press Phone Send to choose English, or Phone finish to pick French. If the system is currently in French, push Phone Send to select English, or Phone finish to choose Spanish.

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If the doesn't work, years earlier a friend of mine had actually the exact same problem. He ended up phone call Onstar and they addressed it.


Hope this helps.....

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RyanbabZ71 4,137

Posted April 23, 2017


AdministratorModerator 4,13724,826 postsName:RyanLocation:Avon, IndianaGender:MaleDrives:2019 Chevy Silverado Crewcab traditional Bed High country Z71 6.2L
Posted April 23, 2017

To poor they dont sell German I'd love to find out a brand-new language



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MikeNH 2,300

Posted April 23, 2017


Senior EnthusiastModerator 2,3009,127 postsName:MikeLocation:New HampshireGender:MaleDrives:2019 Silverado 1500 LD
Posted April 23, 2017

To poor they dont sell German I'd love to discover a new language



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Hands free prompts aren't going come be the useful. Haha. Ns tried learning German making use of Rosetta rock but didn't get very far. A smartphone application called DuoLingo was much more helpful yet I quiet hit a wall surface eventually v it.

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Lisa Lemieux 0

Posted march 14, 2020

Lisa Lemieux

New MemberMember 01 post
Posted march 14, 2020

I need help please I have 2014 Chevy equinox... Bluetooth save speaking in various languages... I want to english.. Ns have set in menu however keep speak french not in english... Help

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