I’ve been on this platform for practically a decade and as you deserve to probably suspect, I have actually a most places/games under mine inventory. I noticed the there’s no way to eliminate a game/place forever and also I uncover that to be kinda frustrating as soon as I have to navigate my game/places to find whatever is relevant. Kind by is cool but, periodically I have actually this really old place with a bunch the filler areas where I need to individually inspect to uncover what i am looking for. This reasonably short process ends up being a couple hours i m sorry distracts me native development.

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Eliminating old gamings from my profile would make my workflow and also cleanup process that lot better. You re welcome consider.

Edit: I desire to point out the this would certainly be defended via 2FA or an account pin. I meant to encompass this in here.

Edit 2: Archiving is no a valid solution to this. I carry out not support relocating clutter to another area of my view and calling the a valid solution. If this is the intended purpose of save on computer to it is in a psuedo-trashbin, this is dreadful UX. Save on computer (in a historical context) is come save meaningful stuff no as a way to remove clutter from a screen.

Archiving is supposed (historically) come save games that are worth saving in the an initial place. If you have actually a ton the filler areas that don’t perform anything for you and take up needless space, logically it renders sense to eliminate it.

And what would they perform if your account to be infiltrated, someone let’s say deletes your game permanently. (Just an example) What would certainly that human do to restore their game back?

If your account to be hacked due to the fact that you determined to compromise your account and a game gets deleted, that would be the individuals fault. Therefore, that human being is in ~ a loss on their own accord & time heals all wounds.

I’d willingly say on document that majority of the world who’ve lost accounts did for this reason on the pretense that free. Meaning that castle were offered something and also took it because they feeling the hazard wasn’t there. If you really cared about your places, you might save a regional copy top top your maker & the would resolve a lot of problems in terms being fearful.

I cannot, in an excellent faith, support any options to delete content from profiles together of right now. There merely exists too many flaws in tasiilaq.net’s security and also support is equally as flawed because of the capability to socially engineer an account breach and also their general uncooperativeness towards your inquiries.

tasiilaq.net needs to tackle simple security features before they start thinking around expanding our alternatives for manage over ours assets. Developers’ livelihoods and such space at stake through the absence of security and also “it’s the user’s error if they acquire breached” is just not adequate sufficient to justification pulling forward v this attribute anyway when ignoring the platform’s blatant protection flaws and utterly useless support line.

Again, I’d love to suggest out that you could always save your place locally. Deleting a place is intended to specifically clean increase old places that are no longer relevant on your profile.

I’m not sure where friend got:


Developers’ livelihoods and such room at stake v the lack of security

Because it would be almost identical to how it is now. I’d additionally love to point out that uneven you’re extremely naive and also trust people, her account will be fine. This seems like an overreaction come something relatively simple.


platform’s blatant protection flaws and also utterly useless assistance line

Support will constantly be completely useless since it’s outsourced. Girlfriend can’t scale a supports device correctly come account for the quantity of requests obtained per day, week, etc.

Security flaws are largely due to civilization clicking negative links, putting code into their console, clicking bad files, etc. If you nothing do any of that, you will do it be fine.

As for that connect you referenced, it seems fairly irrelevant because it would certainly be practically the specific same as it is now. Plus, again… the an essential to that trouble is a regional backup.

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It has obtained so negative that I have to use a different account just to develop now due to the fact that my old one has means too numerous places in that to keep my sanity. Idk what world you live in whereby that would certainly be remotely considered good UX. Throughout any platform as well as this one, you have the right to delete stuff. The justifications that your an answer is blaming security you nothing understand and also using points that exist almost everywhere else.