Been trying to execute this, and also multiple kickflips seem to be impossible for me come do, as soon as I desire them.

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The trickbook says do a kickflip and also "hold it", therefore I execute a kickflip (can carry out these all the time if need be), hold the stick there and..........nothing, simply a solitary kickflip.


Is there a specific trick come this?

Yeah, i am act it at the mega ramp, deserve to flick a kickflip no problem, I just can"t gain it to "hold" the kickflip to do multiples

I to be holding it, i flick the kickflip (RS from down to a 2"o clock position) and also hold it there, yet it never ever does much more than a solitary kickflip



You don"t use any type of trigger - pretty sure he simply meant stick. Maybe you"re jumping also late...try jumping a few feet before the end of the ramp rather of appropriate at the edge. Usage a quick flick and also hold the right stick down pretty much the entirety time you"re on the ramp, then keep it organized in the 2 o"clock place the totality time you"re in the air.

use the flip together your ollie if in the trick allude area it claims late kikflip you are doing that wrong not ollie in ~ all when doing any type of flip

One thing I noticed is when you in reality pull off the quad kickflip and also are still holding it hoping you"ll do 5 or more, the board actually clings earlier to the feet choose a magnet. Simply a top up incase girlfriend think you are about to host it as well long.

Pull it down, organize it so friend crouch all the way, flick it quick and also hold it at the 2 o"clock position. The quicker you flick it in this game the more pop you get, for this reason to perform a quad the gotta be a quick flick.

Ok, this is odd, I have the right to now carry out a quad kickflip everytime............if I host one that the shoulder triggers, just how strange!!!!

I to be messing roughly doing some quad kickflips just a small while ago and establish that informing you to flick it rapid was wrong. Shot doing it much slower, but still organize the stick under a little bit prior to flicking it and make certain to hold it till you watch see "quad kickflip" top top the hud. Sorry for the not correct info.

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