To gain Umbreon, Espeon or any type of of Eevee’s eight evolutions, one must an initial catch an Eevee. Eevee is a Normal-type Pokemon introduced to the Pokemon franchise in Generation I.

Eevees are known to have actually an unstable genetic makeup, do it easy for them to evolve into various forms depending upon the atmosphere they room in. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, the Pokedex entry because that Eevee reads:

“A rare Pokémon that adapts come harsh settings by acquisition on various evolutionary forms.”

To acquire an Eevee in Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl, players have three options. These options are trading from an additional game, obtaining one native Bebe in Hearthome City or obtaining one v the Trophy Garden.

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If a trainer plan to get all eight evolutions, the ideal thing for them to do is to each other the Eevee they acquire from Bebe v a Ditto or any kind of other Eevee’s they deserve to obtain.


Umbreon needs to be acquired by maxing out an Eevee’s happiness/friendship level (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Introduced in Generation II as the “Moonlight Pokemon,” this Dark-type Pokemon was one of the an initial of that type. Umbreon likewise has the privilege the being one of the selectable starter Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum, along with Espeon.

Getting one Umbreon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is no simple. In Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl and most games, Umbreon needs to be derived by maxing out an Eevee’s happiness/friendship level between the hours of 8 PM and also 4 AM. If doing so, trainers should make certain that they space not as well close to any moss rocks or ice cream rocks or they may receive a completely different Eevee evolution.

Checking a Pokemon’s happiness/friendship level have the right to be done a few different methods in Pokemon Diamond and also Pearl. One means to check to check out if one Eevee has actually reached the max happiness/friendship level is for trainers to inspect their Poketch app. If the Eevee has two hearts alongside its image, that is at the max friendship level.

Another means to check an Eevee’s joy is to walk to Dr. Footstep’s residence on course 213 or visit the Pokemon pan Club in Hearthome City.

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After the trainer to know what level your Eevee’s happiness/friendship is at, all they have to do is level them up in the correct way and place. The easiest means to level increase Eevee where one likes is to usage a rarely candy.


Espeon is tied with Glaceon for the highest possible base Special assault of every one of the Eeveelutions (Image via The Pokemon Company)

Titled as the “Sun Pokemon," Espeon is among a kind. Presented in Generation II in addition to Umbreon, Espeon is the Psychic-type advancement of Eevee.

Other than being one of the lucky starter Pokemon in Pokemon Colosseum, Espeon is tied v Glaceon for the highest possible base Special assault of all of the Eeveelutions.

Like Umbreon, trainers can not just find a rock and level up with a rare candy to get an Espeon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The Espeon advancement can only be derived by maxing out Eevee’s happiness. However, what renders this evolution various from Umbreon"s is the players must complete this task in between 4 AM and 8 afternoon to obtain an Espeon.