Trinity Mark locations – Kingdom mind 1.5 final Mix

Trinity Marks room special symbols found on the floor in Kingdom Hearts. As lengthy as you’ve learned the relevant Trinity ability and have actually both Donald and Goofy in her party you can activate these marks and be rewarded with Items, Materials, Weapons, or simply a bunch the Munny.

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The Trinity Abilities space learned in the following locations:

Blue Trinity – Trinity Jump, provided to united state by Donald and Goofy after defeating the guard Armor in Traverse Town.

Red Trinity – Trinity Charge, provided after sealing the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.

Green Trinity – Trinity Ladder, offered after sealing the Keyhole in Agrabah.

Yellow Trinity – Trinity Push, granted after perfect the very first 3 cup in Olympus Coliseum.

White Trinity – Trinity Detect, offered after beating Riku because that the very first time in hole Bastion.

Trinity Mark areas - Kingdom mind 1.5 final Mix

Traverse TownBlueFirst DistrictBy the world exit.Munny
Traverse TownBlueFirst DistrictBy the Cafe.Postcard
Traverse TownBlueThird DistrictCorner that the area behind the fountain.Munny and also Camping Set
Traverse TownBlueMerlin"s HouseNear the conserve Point.Munny and Mega-Ether
Traverse TownRedFirst DistrictHead previous the Weapon store and also follow the course left.Chest with Dalmation Puppies.
Traverse TownRedAlleywayIn the water near the grating, close by come the entrance to the Dalmations House.Access to mystery Waterway.
Traverse TownRedSecond DistrictOn peak of the Gizmo Shop"s roof.Access come bell to expose world"s Keyhole.
Traverse TownGreenAccessory ShopNear table in middle of room.Access to synthesis Shop.
Traverse TownYellowMystical HouseAt the back of the home on a stack of crates.Chest include AP up.
Traverse TownWhiteSecret WaterwayWhere the 2 tunnels intersect.Orichalcum
WonderlandBlueLotus ForestFirst area friend can go into on the right.Ether, Potion, Tent and also MP.
WonderlandBlueLotus ForestMove the boulder right into the water, then usage the lilly pads to go into a brand-new area comprise this Trinity.Camping collection and MP.
WonderlandGreenRabbit HoleWhere you get in the world from.Elixir
WonderlandGreenBizarre RoomInside the bottom of the Fireplace.Mythril Shard
WonderlandWhiteLotus ForestTravel v the painting in the Bizzare Room to uncover the area through this Trinity Mark.Lady happy Keyblade
Olympus ColiseumBlueColiseum GatesBeneath Statue top top the right.Dalmation Puppies
Olympus ColiseumBlueColiseum GatesBeneath Statue ~ above the left.Mythril Shard
Olympus ColiseumGreenColiseum GatesLeft that the key entrance, in former of the competition rankings.Mythril
Olympus ColiseumYellowLobbyNext to the Stone.Olympia Keyblade
Olympus ColiseumWhiteColiseum GatesVery facility of the area.Violetta
Deep JungleBlueCampNear the lab equipment.Chest the Dalmations
Deep JungleBlueClimbing TreesNear entrance to Treehouse.Thundara-G
Deep JungleGreenTreetopsCentre that area, its hard to view, due to being the very same colour together the surrounds.Mythril Shard, HP
Deep JungleWhiteCavern that HeartsDirectly infront of the keyhole.Orichalcum
AgrabahBlueBazaarMiddle that the area.Mega-Ether and also Munny
AgrabahBlueCave the WondersSilent Chamber, infront that the stairs.Thunder-G
AgrabahRedCave that WondersTreasure Room in former of a statue.Mythril Shard and also Munny
AgrabahGreenStorage RoomIn former of a shelf.AP Up
AgrabahYellowCave that WondersHall in former of a pillar.The Idol falls and allows access to 2 chests containing, Thundara-G and also Meteor-G
AgrabahWhiteCave the WondersEntrance, come the left as you enter.Ifrit Belt
MonstroBlueMouthOn a platform, revealed once the water is lowered.Potion, Cottage, and also Munny
MonstroBlueChamber 5On the ground infront of enntrance gate to room 6.Cottage and Munny
MonstroBlueThroatCentre that the area on the shortest level.Mythril Shard and Munny.
MonstroGreenMouthOn height of Geppetto"s Ship, accessible with High Jump.Mythril Shard
MonstroWhiteChamber 6Climb the steps and also drop into the area below them.Dark Matter
Halloween TownRedOogie"s ManorIn the very first room ~ the bridge. This Trinity moves to the arch in the continues to be of Oogie"s Manor if you have damaged him.Mythril Shard
Halloween TownWhiteMoonlight HillLeft that the entrance, close to some damaged wall.Chest of Dalmations.
AtlanticaWhiteTriton"s PalaceOn the floorOrichalcum
NeverlandGreenCabinOn the floorGrants access to Captains Cabin
NeverlandYellowShip"s HoldUpper level the the area, left side door.Orichalcum, Aero Magic Upgrade, Chest of Dalmations, and also Dark Matter
NeverlandWhiteShip"s Deckarea over the captains cabin door.Chest of Dalmations
Hollow BastionBlueDungeonCenter of roomMega-Potion, Mega-Ether, Cottage and also HP
Hollow BastionBlueGreat CrestRight side, reduced balcony close to the large magic lift.Cottage, Megalixir and MP
Hollow BastionRedEntrance HallSecond Floor, infront of a statueEmblem Piece
Hollow BastionGreenLibrarySecond Floor, near table and also save point.Access to a book to finish the puzzle.
Hollow BastionWhiteRising FallsOn the platform whereby Riku takes your Keyblade, in the water.Thundaga-G
The place of every the Trinity point out in Kingdom mind 1.5 last Mix.

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