Oh look, there"s gum grounding to the carpet. Or the bottom of your shoe. Or her child"s hair. Don"t fret—there are some tried-and-true ways to obtain gum the end of things, past just peanut butter. Try these 10 an excellent tricks.

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Lemon Juice

Try this lemon juice clean trick: If you acquire gum on her clothing, soak that in part lemon juice and also then scrape it off with a butter knife. Wash the clothes on a typical cycle.

Here room 10 unexpected ways to usage lemon approximately the house.


Vinegar also works for as a way to gain gum the end of carpet. Soak the items in vinegar and also then brush the it turn off gently. Also, usage vinegar to clean rusty tools.


If you have hairspray top top hand, spray some directly on the gum and also wait for it come dry and also harden. Girlfriend should be able to scrape it appropriate off and it’s one way to of just how to obtain gum out of carpet.

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Toothpaste will not just clean your teeth, it can assist you eliminate gum. Toothpaste works by breaking down the gum’s stickiness. You’ll have the ability to easily scrape it turn off after the toothpaste walk its job. Here space 50 points you never knew you might do v toothpaste.


If you discover gum grounding on your carpet or on your couch, take an ice cube or two or an ice cream pack and also hold the on the gum because that a few minutes till it hardens, climate scrape away the gum. Get hard stains the end of carpet through these tricks.

Hair Dryer

Soften it through a hair dryer. Just apply some warm to the gum and also then use a rag or plastic bag to pull away. Usage caution with warm on carpets or rugs, as warm may injury some fibers. Check the end this basic storage systems for hair appliances.

Oh, Yeah—Peanut Butter!

Peanut butter is a hero when it pertains to removing gum. You usually have it top top hand, it’s no expensive and it doesn’t smell bad, either. Spread some peanut butter top top the offending glob and let that sit for a couple of minutes. The gum will certainly soften up and be much simpler to remove. This works especially well for gum grounding in hair. These 11 peanut butter life hacks room must-reads.

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