As the dad of a 3-year-old and 18-month-old, I’ve spent a fair share of mine time stain dealing with things and also cleaning up crazy messes.

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One that the most typical issues I’ve had actually to deal with is just how to remove irreversible marker native a selection of surfaces. Now, you might wonder why my children have accessibility to sharpies. Rest assured, castle don’t. Yet somehow, they constantly get castle anyway. If you’re a parent, friend understand.

So, even if it is you’re a parent (like me) make the efforts to remove sharpie indigenous the wall and the dog or you an eBay reseller (also prefer me) do the efforts to remove sharpie from shoes, clothes, and also other thrift goods, we’ve gained the technique and the power!


The one exception to our “don’t use goo-gone” dominance is if she trying to remove much more than marker from the single of a shoe. If you have actually a rubber or plastic-type single that’s filthy, it could be precious the mess that goo-gone renders to restore the sole.

In fact, we simply wrote an entire article on the process that we usage to do just that!

As with wall surface coverings, they varieties of animal leather you have the right to remove sharpie native are exceptionally diverse. This obviously impacts how we technique the problem and what we’re walk to usage to remove the mark!

Now, once it pertains to removing sharpie from leather, you generally have cure leathers (the kind many purses and made from) and also suede leathers (the soft fuzzy kind).

If you have actually a smooth leather, rubbing the marker gently with rubbing alcohol can be exceptionally effective. Need to that fail, a magic eraser can commonly be supplied as lengthy as you are gentle.

Process because that Removing Sharpie indigenous Leather

Wet a tiny area the a rag with rubbing alcohol – just enough to dampen it, us don’t want it soakingUse the wet rag to gently wipe the mite markReapply rubbing alcohol together needed and move to clean areas of the rag oftenContinue until you have actually removed every one of the markerOnce you have actually the bag cleaned to your liking, be sure to problem the animal leather (with animal leather conditioner) to restore the moisture the was pulled out by her cleaning.Celebrate!

Removing sharpie from suede, however, is a different story. Due to the fact that it is so porous, the marker often penetrates deep right into the fibers. The solution? Lots and lots the rubbing alcohol. Totally saturating the sharpie-ed area will permit the rubbing alcohol to penetrate deep sufficient to remove many of the stain. Now, it’s crucial here to have actually the offal to watch this through. When you very first stain, the stain will frequently spread out a bit and look worse. Store saturating and also keep blotting and it will at some point come out!

As resellers, we sometimes challenge the obstacle of remove sharpie from leather soles. And I will say this, i don’t usually try anymore to remove it. Animal leather soles come in two varieties: soft (impossible to remove marker from) and also crusty (also impossible to eliminate marker from).

If you don’t mind a little discoloring, many household products will remove or at the very least reduce the illustration of a sharpie note on the leather. If friend don’t want to go that path then right here are the two alternate routes us take.​To eliminate sharpie from animal leather soles you have the right to buff the off v fine-grit sandpaper. This is especially reliable for worn soles where a tiny sanding i will not ~ be an extremely noticeable. Your other option (which i prefer) is to physician the price. This does limit your offering price but this is an alternative that we usage all the moment both because that shoes and also for garments items v markdown prices on the tags. Marketed for $24.99? Well, make the $124.99! sold for $14.95? now it’s $44.95! just make it believable.

How To gain Sharpie ours Of Clothes

Sharpie on apparel is the worst. A toddler can’t even look in ~ a sharpie without obtaining it anywhere their outfit. Thrift store employees it seems ~ to work-related the exact same way, acquisition a sharpie come every piece of expensive garments to prevent world from steal it.

Well, luckily, obtaining sharpie on garments is not the fatality sentance you think that is. In fact, for many clothing, sharpie is rather easy come remove.

Whether you’re trying to acquire sharpie out of a shirts or the end of a couch, the methods are an extremely similar. If you’ve got some patience, here’s the method!

since fabric is porous, it is comparable to suede and presents a much much more difficult challenge than rubber or difficult leather. Sharpie often tends to permeate the fibers and also it is very resistant to any kind of surface initiatives to remove it.

So this is what we’ll do to obtain it off your clothing:

5 procedures To eliminate Sharpies from Clothes

Add a little amount of hydrogen peroxide to a towel and gently blot obstacle the stain for several minutes.Apply some rubbing alcohol come a second clean bath towel repeat the process. The stain should now be practically entirely gone. If the isn’t, continue with rubbing alcohol until you’re satisfied that the sharpie has been gotten rid of from her fabric.​Using a clean, wet towel, soak increase the extra moisture and also clean the alcohol indigenous the product you treated.Remove any type of excess moisture by pushing firmly with a clean, dried towel.Let the product dry in a heat well-ventilated area (if possible)

If the fabric you’re do the efforts to remove sharpie native is clothing, here are two commandments for you: don’t usage bleach, and don’t dried the clothing until you’re i was sure the stain is removed.

Overall, bleach is a disastrous stain remover and can damage most items of clothing. Prevent it!

Also, if you room trying to remove sharpie from an object of clothes that has actually been with the drier, you have my condolences. The heat from a dryer to adjust stains the all varieties and renders them extremely daunting to remove. However, if you’re positive (or haven’t yet dried the clothing) you can commonly remove sharpie indigenous a shirt or pants utilizing rubbing alcohol and also simply blotting the stain.

Once you’re happy (or close come happy) through the level the the stain, the remainder can generally be removed by soaking the items in a stain removing solution (I choose Oxy Clean) overnight and then washing/drying together you usually would.

Before removing sharpie indigenous your clothing I would likewise be sure to clues test through the hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. I have actually never had actually it stain any of mine clothing yet I’ll include the warning below just to it is in safe!

How to remove Sharpie indigenous Shoes

So you obtained a sharpie note on her Jordan’s? Or probably your crazy ex-GF scribbled will permanent marker everywhere your basketball shoes? Well, yet the sharpie obtained onto her shoes, we’ll aid you get it off. (Just be sure to spot-test first to avoid shade loss)

How to eliminate sharpie from shoes in 5 steps:

Using a rag, noodle ball, or q-tip (depending ~ above the dimension of the sharpie mark) tenderness wet the whole stain v the nail polish remover.After the note is wet, use a dry or contempt damp cloth to soak up the nail polish remover native the stain. Together you soak it up, the acetone will lug the sharpie ink with it.Repeat until the stain is gone.Rise the treated area through water to eliminate the rest of the pond polish remover.

If you’re impatient and also don’t have the ideal finger nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol can additionally be provided to remove sharpie marks from shoes (with the same technique above).

How To remove Sharpie indigenous Plastic and Hard Surfaces

for items such as toys, plastic, enamels, etc. There room a plethora of ways to eliminate sharpie. We’ve noted them here in the order the we’d suggest, taking right into account ease of removing the stain, mess created, etc.

Methods that work-related (just be certain to spot test and also find the proper one for her application)

Magic Eraser. Dampen the magic eraser with water and scrub over the stained area until the stain has actually been removed. This is the easiest (and the very least messy) option and works 9 times the end of 10.Toothpaste and also baking soda. Mix 1 part toothpaste v 1 component baking soda and apply a little amount to the stain. Using a clean cloth, obstacle in a circular motion. This might take a small bit that work yet it should come off.Pencil Eraser. rub the eraser over the irreversible marker to erase it.Dry Erase Marker. shade over the stain through a dried erase marker then wiping the off with a cloth. This process also works good on dried erase boards.Rubbing Alcohol. Yes, rubbing alcohol and also acetone fingernail polishing work here too. Just rub the on and also buff off the mark.WD-40. Spray some WD-40 top top the affected area and scrub with a clean cloth. Just be conscious that WD-40 is oil bases and also can penetrate right into porous materials

Other points That Remove permanent Marker:

Since there space literally one infinite variety of things the a 3-year-old can attract on, I’m sure that many of you reading this write-up will have particular items ns didn’t cover. However, if you read through every one of the methods I’m certain you got fantastic feel because that what functions to remove sharpie point out in general.

So, in case you to let go it, the most reliable things for removing sharpie indigenous items space rubbing alcohol and/or a magic eraser.

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However, there are many other points that human being have had actually luck with and also may recommend. So, if you have a stubborn stain, you may want to try some the the following:

Products that people have had luck with:

Bug SprayHand SanitizerLighter FluidBaby WipesSunscreenLemon PledgeClorox WipesHair SprayHydrogen PeroxideCitrusWindex…and dozens more

I can’t imagine needing to remove a permanent marker stain the didn’t answer to one of the materials or approaches above.

I hope this write-up was helpful in saving some of your items that ended up ~ above the organization end that a sharpie or long-term marker. Okay come back and expand this article and my 18-month-old gets older and an ext devious but, for now, best of luck and also happy cleaning!