Want to have actually Master sphere in your Pokemon Emerald game? There space two means to gain this form of round in Pokemon Emerald; you have the right to either use a Pokemon Emerald grasp Ball Cheat or discover the master ball to its location. When cheating, there room two versions girlfriend can select from, obtain in computer or Pokemart. Either technique you choose, castle all work like wonder.

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The understand ball was presented in Generation I, and also it’s the most favorite Pokeball amongst all other Pokeball species and in truth one the the favorite provided cheat in our Pokemon Emerald cheats collection. Making use of the item, trainers have the right to capture any Pokemon rapid without fail.

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While using regular Pokeball most regularly brings a headache, catching a Pokemon through a master ball is a piece of cake.

Pokemon Emerald master Ball Cheat Code

Master ball in PC

Master codeCheat code
B749822B CE9BFAC1A86CDBA5 19BA49B3128898B6 EDA43037
Note: In part cases, grasp code isn’t required.

Master round in Pokemart

Cheat codeAlternative password (Codebreaker)
958D8046 A7151D708BB602F7 8CEB681A82005274 0001
Note: The cheat no need understand code. Examine Pokemart and purchase master ball because that 0.

For Android users, the cheat perfectly functions for My boy! – GBA Emulator and also John GBA – GBA emulator. Ns haven’t personally tested the cheat ~ above iOS, but the GBA4iOS emulator functions well because that many, and I believe it will job-related for you.

Update: The cheat works well for GBA4iOS.

Master ball place in Pokemon Emerald

If you favor the ethical means to achieve master ball and also not to use cheat, this is your overview on exactly how you can find master round In Pokemon Emerald. Friend can discover master round In Team Aqua’s hideout, located east of Lilycove. Alternatively, friend can get it in the Lilycove department store lottery corner.

Master ball ar in Team Aqua’s Hideout


Master ball is one of the most valuable item in every Pokemon games. However, it’s practically impossible to own countless of these and also that’s cheating come handy. Usage Pokemon Emerald master ball cheat and also own as many master balls as you desire without limits.

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Did I miss out on something? Or are you having actually trouble activating the understand ball cheat password in your Pokemon emerald game? leaving a comment below.