Printed through a film studio in limited quantity, for display in movie theater to encourage the film. This posters can come to be highly valued, prized art and collector items.

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Printed through a film studio in minimal quantity, for display screen in movie theaters to promote the film. These posters can become highly valued, prized art and collector items.

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If you have actually a passion for a film, one actor, actress, director, or graphics arist. You have the right to savor the enthusiasm by having actually the original movie poster on your wall. In some cases, a movie poster will strike such a chord amongst movie-goers the the initial movie poster becomes highly valued by collectors.

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A good investment

original movie posters can end up being highly valued, prized collector items.This have the right to take year or periodically days. Movies are universal, and also the entire people loves classic movies favor The magician of Oz, Gone v the Wind, Jaws, and many others will proceed to thrive in value. Features of a good investment include: great artwork, a remarkable star or director, and a movie you can watch over and also over again.

Framing & Storage

us recommend utilizing high great plexi-glass and also a framework to safeguard your poster. It’s finest to hang her poster in a dry, cool environment not in straight sunlight. For storage, us recommend rolling your poster in an acid cost-free tube and/or plastics sleeve.

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Common Formats

There have actually been plenty of kinds the print products used to encourage the film in the theaters.

original Sizes One sheet

27 × 40in

The traditional movie poster, rolled

One Sheet(before 1985)

27 × 41in

The conventional movie poster, folded


10 × 8in

Glossy photographs of film scenesUsually in to adjust of 8


14 × 36in

Posters printed on card stock

window Card

14 × 22in

Posters printed on map stock

fifty percent Sheet

14 × 36in

Posters printed on regular stock

30 × 40in

30 × 40in

Posters printed on heavy stockSame artwork as on the One Sheet

40 × 60in

40 × 60in

Posters published on heavy stockSame artwork as on the One Sheet

three Sheets

41 × 81in

Extra-large posters published on regular stock

6 Sheets

81 × 81in

Super-large posters printed on common stock

Original Poster Glossary

One sheet

Standard theatrical dimension posters; typically 27x40 or 41”.

six Sheet

Oversize - consists of 4 smaller sized pieces that develop 1 big poster.

3 Sheet

Usually consists of 2 smaller sized pieces to do 1 large poster.

brother Quad

Released theatrically in the UK; generally 40x30”.


Scenes indigenous movie published on card stock - for display in theatre lobby.


Color or Black and White photos from movie- supplied in press packages.

half Sheet

Horizontal theatre display; No longer in use.


Narrow vertical theater display; No longer in use.

press Kit

Press promotional details with stills.

Press book

Promotional material released come media.

double Sided

Printed ~ above both sides, mirror image on back.

single Sided

Printed ~ above one side, white top top back.


Stored and shipped rolling up, usually near mint condition.


3 horizontal and 1 vertical fold.


Specialized printing/ink process results in exceptional quality, has the tonalities/hues of original print.


Paper has been dinged on the edge or in the middle and small creases are shown.


Poster has actually creases/tears/tape/ripples generally from being used in the past.

pen Holes

Displayed in ~ movie theaters; very small holes in the corners (made by press pins or staples).


Paper has ripped.

Tape fix

Tape on back/front - usually to fix tears.

Glued to Lobby Cards

Still or map is glued onto the earlier of an additional lobby map for a different film.

leaf Wear

Damage wake up from taking care of or storage, edges becomes contempt crinkled or torn.

Sticker end Rating

Rating device (R, PG, G)is different, for this reason a sticker is inserted over original nations rating.

paper Loss

Paper has actually been torn off and/or a surface ar tear has the ink/paint removed.

fold Lines

Poster has been urgent in the past and also will have a folds line.

print Flaw

Ink has actually bled or smudged.

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Dirt or other substances have actually touched the file leaving point out behind


Adhesive (sticker/tape/glue) has actually been eliminated from poster leaving sticky/tacky problem or paper remnants behind.

sheet Tears

poster has some small tears follow me the exterior edge


There is 1 crease/mark ~ above the poster


There are tape marks/residue ~ above the former and/or back of the poster from being shown in theatres

tape Marks

There room tape marks/residue top top the former and/or back of the poster from being shown in theatres

Corner absent

There is a corner missing from the poster which is clearly shows on the image

Piece absent

There is a piece lacking from the poster which must be clearly shows on the image