You know your pool is full of chlorine and also other chemicals and isn’t supposed to assistance any type of type of wildlife. To a lot of creatures, though, your pool looks choose a watery haven for them to hang out, eat, and also have actually babies in.

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Few things will certainly gross you out prefer finding water bugs in your pool. When that happens, you need to evict them, and also then take steps to save them from coming back.

2 Types of Water Bugs in Your Pool

Exactly as the name suggests, they’re insects that live in or on water. Typically, you’ll uncover water bugs in ponds and various other herbal bodies of water. But two types in particular—water boatmen and backswimmers—seem to love swimming pools.

1. Water Boatmen

They may look a little scary, yet water boatmales, likewise well-known as corixids, aren’t the worst water bugs to have in your pool.


Scientific Designation

These water bugs belengthy to the household Corixidae (water boatmen) in the order Hemiptera (true bugs).

What Do They Look Like?

Water boatmen are oval-shaped, and normally brvery own or greenish-brvery own in color. They have large eyes. They normally don’t thrive more than ½ an inch lengthy.

Their rear-most legs are longer than the others, and also are fringed via hairs that assist it continue to be afloat and paddle, for this reason their name. Those legs usually extend forward, past the second collection of legs.

They likewise have wings, and also yes, they can and also execute fly.

What Do They Eat?

Since they eat algae, plant detritus, other water microorganisms, and mosquito larvae, water boatmen are taken into consideration useful insects. It’s just kind of gross to have actually them in your pool.

Are They Dangerous?

Not in the least. They’re not poisonous, and they don’t bite. They’re actually pretty docile. You wouldn’t desire to store one as a pet or anything. But as much as insects go, they’re among the excellent males.

How Do You Get Rid of Them?

These certain water bugs in your pool are most likely tbelow bereason there’s additionally algae in your pool. Remember, water boatmales eat algae. They also lay their eggs in algae. Then a bunch of bit baby water boatguys hatch and eat algae.

Don’t see any algae in your pool? It might be that it just hasn’t bloomed to the point wright here it’s visible—yet. But algae spores are microscopic, so if you check out water boatmen in your pool, it’s because they understand the pool algae is tright here prior to you carry out.

1. Remove the Water Bugs in Your Pool The easiest method to perform that is via a skimmer. Remember, they fly, so they may just take off as quickly as you scoop them out of the water.

The question is, must you kill them? You may have seen some advice floating around about killing them by dumping them right into a bucket filled through water and cooking oil. This suffocates them, which is a sluggish, torturous death. Plus, it’s messy.

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Sure, they’re just bugs. But remember, they’ve been doing you a favor by eating algae and also mosquito larvae. So while they’re gross and also all, perhaps just refind them? It’s as much as you.