If your an initial tan the the summer leaves you looking like you"ve got a poor case of mildew, you could have a condition known together Tinea versicolor.

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Tinea versicolor is brought about by a yeast-like fungus that lives in the outer layers of your skin. For many people, that doesn"t cause any type of problems . . . They may never even know it"s there. But for others, the can produce small, oval-shaped spots and also splotches on their backs, chests and upper arms.

Tinea versicolor can adorn the skin v a rainbow of different colors ("versicolor" method many colors). On light skin, the spots often blend in, or castle may appear as bronze, pink or red patches.

If you have dark skin, or if you"ve recently acquired a suntan, the fungus reflects up together sharply outlined pale or white patches on your upper body, giving it a moth-eaten look.

Tinea versicolor isn"t really a disease. It"s common to have the fungus that causes it living on her skin . . . 97 percent that the populace does. Experts think that human being who space troubled most by the fungus have actually a certain type of skin oil that the fungus thrives on. This may define why Tinea versicolor typically occurs after ~ puberty. It"s common in teenagers and young adults, and rarely checked out in yonsi folk.

Even if you have actually a rip-roaring situation of Tinea versicolor, you might not know it until you gain a suntan. Yet the fungus isn"t simply a summer trouble . . . The inhabits your body year-round. Since the colony sites don"t tan favor normal skin, they stand out as pale blotches and also spots on your bronzed body. Summer heat and also humidity, coupled with extra moisture from perspiration spur nest growth and make the difficulty worse.

There"s no genuine cure for Tinea versicolor. As soon as you have the fungus that causes it, it"s nearly impossible to eradicate. However you have the right to keep the fungus from taking over your body, and, through a small extra effort, you can also rid yourself of the point out it pipeline on your skin.

Tinea versicolor have the right to be cure in among two ways. One technique involves acquisition a solitary oral dose of a fungus-killing drug called Ketoconazole. This anti-fungal medication outcomes in a momentary cure for about 90 percent of people with the condition. Unfortunately, there"s a small but definite risk of liver an illness associated through the drug.

The various other treatment for Tinea versicolor is composed of putting medicine directly on the skin. If girlfriend opt because that this method, you"ll most likely use selenium sulfide, the major ingredient the anti-dandruff shampoos prefer Selsun Blue.

You can acquire selenium sulfide in prescription strength cream (2.5 percent) from her doctor, i m sorry is expensive. If you have more time than money, you can opt for the much less expensive, over-the-counter version, Selsun Blue shampoo or its generic counterparts.

Selenium-containing anti-dandruff shampoos aren"t together potent together prescription creams . . . They"re usually simply 1.25 percent selenium sulfide. In the lengthy run, castle work just as well, but they have to be applied much more often and rinsed turn off afterward.

Applying a selenium sulfide concoction to your skin is a really effective way to kill most of the fungus. If you usage Selsun Blue shampoo, you"ll need to slather the on her body from her neck to her waist and also sleep in that overnight. You deserve to wash it turn off in the morning.

If the all-night routine irritates her skin, or if girlfriend don"t like looking favor a Smurf in ~ bedtime, you can shot leaving the blue ingredient on her torso because that 20 minutes each day, and then rinsing it turn off in the shower. The treatment needs to be recurring every day for at the very least a main to be as reliable as the overnight routine.

Even if friend sleep coated in the blue shampoo overnight, or religiously apply it because that a week, you"re still not finished. While lot of the fungus might be dead after ~ the initial treatment, the spots and also splotches on her skin have the right to take up to a year to fade entirely.

No matter just how vigorously you attack your Tinea versicolor, there will always be a few fungal survivors ~ every treatment, and these will live on come spawn new colonies. They deserve to repopulate her body in simply two brief months, for this reason it"s a an excellent idea come repeat the selenium therapies every four to eight weeks.

It takes a little work to keep your skin clear and also reasonably fungus-free, yet if you don"t favor the mildewed look, it"s absolutely worth it.

Dr. Rallie McAllister is a household physician in Kingsport, Tenn. Her column shows up three time a month on this page. Her net site is www.rallieonhealth.com.

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