6.1 The Dark World

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionCharacters:Catfish, KikiHeart Pieces:#12Items:Quake MedallionLocations:Pyramid the Power, Lake of ill Omen, Dark royal residence Grounds

Once you gain control of link in the Dark World, climb under the Pyramid of strength along the ideal side. ~ above the far right side of the Pyramid, you will uncover a piece of Heart. Leap turn off the surrounding ledge and run on end to grab the love Piece.

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Leap off the pyramid and also head ideal a screen. Before making our way to the very first dungeon in the Dark World, there is a an effective item we have the right to acquire. Follow me your means you’ll discover an assortment the brand new enemies. Numerous of these creatures space Dark world counterparts come enemies found within the irradiate World.

Walk up two screens and also right a display to reach the area the was previously the Magic medicine Shop in the irradiate World. The structure is now a seller shop, but it doesn’t have actually much precious buying. Elevator the big rock come the best of the shop and continue appropriate a screen. Proceed up a display screen on the ideal side to reach the Lake of ill Omen.



This area was formerly the entrance to Zora’s Waterfall. There is a sign nearby that reads, “Curses to anyone that throws something right into my circle of stones”. Naturally, connect should pickup the adjacent skull rock and toss it right into the circle of stones just to the left. A huge Catfish will certainly appear and will give you things if you go away. The Catfish gives connect the Quake Medallion, a powerful item that defeats almost all the opponents that appear on screen. It is a required item that connect will use later in his quest.


Link is currently ready to do his means to the very first dungeon right here in the Dark World. Make your way all the way back to the Pyramid the Power. Indigenous the pyramid head ideal a screen, under a screen, right a screen, and up a screen.

Follow the pathway top top the right and also you’ll concerned a mark in the ground the looks prefer an arrow. Follow it up v the green bushy trees. Continue along this direct path all the method to the left and also then every the means to the top part of this area.

There is a huge bushy environment-friendly area uncovered here. If friend look closely above it, the markings signify the route that attach can to walk through. Do your means through this bushy maze. As soon as you come out of the maze come the right, a monkey will be adhering to you and also asks if you have the right to spare 10 rupees. Agree to execute so and he’ll continue to monitor you.

Walk to the northeast corner of this region with Kiki the Monkey adhering to you. There is a big entrance that is locked. If you walk approximately it, Kiki will offer to open up the enntrance gate in exchange because that 100 rupees. Agree to execute so and also then get in the very first dungeon that the Dark World, the Dark Palace.

6.2 Dark Palace

Progress at this pointTotal LifeHeart Pieces
New in this sectionCharacters:First MaidenEnemies:Helmasaur, Medusa, Terrorpin, Blue Bari, environment-friendly Kodongo, Bumper, green Goriya, Red Goriya, blade Trap, Helmasaur KingItems:Dungeon Map, huge Key, Compass, Magic Hammer, love ContainerLocations:Dark Palace

Once you go into the dungeon, action on the floor move on the left side of the room and also head up v the door the opens. Right here you will find an opponent Helmasaur. This creatures can not be harmed indigenous the front together their helmet protects them. Cut them from behind or at your side to defeat them. Alternatively you have the right to use a pot to toss in ~ them. Climb under the steps to the lower floor.

You will find a pair that Medusa statues that will certainly shoot fireballs out towards you. Protect against them and lift the pot at the bottom-left corner of the room. Action on the switch to reason a endowment chest to appear. Open up it up to gain a small vital and climate head earlier up the stairs.

From the dungeon entrance, the pathway top top the appropriate side is completely optional. It will cause the Dungeon Map, a spring of fairies, and a little key. However, the dungeon deserve to be completed there is no this little key. Indigenous the entrance head increase two screens from the facility of the room, using the small key you simply got. You will certainly encounter foe Terrorpins here, however you cannot loss them rather yet, so simply run past them. You’ll also encounter a Blue Bari, i beg your pardon you can strike with your sword, but be sure to do so as soon as it is not electrified. Top top the best side that the room, there space two blocks. Press the one ~ above the best to the right, bring about it to loss off. Drop down to the floor below.

Once girlfriend drop down, elevator the surrounding skull and step ~ above the switch the is underneath. Open the adjacent treasure chest to obtain a small an essential and climate step into the portal at the top-right part of the room. Over there is another portal the you can step in here, however don’t perform so. This course leads come the Dungeon Map and also an extra small crucial like I discussed earlier. Instead, rise up the stairs at the peak of the screen.

Push the statue to the left the end of the way and then head increase a display in the facility of the room as soon as again. This time take it the pathway top top the left side. Together you head up the narrow pathway, you’ll see component of the ground is cracked. Place a bomb to blow it open and then loss down the hole.

Walk to the peak of the room and also use the small an essential on the locked door. Walk up the steps and also open the treasure chest to gain the huge Key! Leap off the ledge to the right and once again action through the warp portal. Rise up the steps, press the block the end of the way, and once again head up a screen.

Take the best pathway once again. This time walk passed the blocks and head increase a screen. Open up the endowment chest found here to gain a little key. There is an arrow on the ground and if girlfriend walk in the direction, link will leap end the gap and also safely floor on the next platform. Rise the steps and make your method to the northwest edge of the room. Open up the looked door and also head increase a screen.

This next room have the right to be tricky. You have to lift the pots, easily run northward and lift another set of pots while avoiding or defeating the two Helmasaurs. What renders it complicated is the floor will begin to crumble listed below you. The ideal strategy is come grab among the skull pots once you first walk in and toss it at the Helmasaur. To obtain passed the 2nd Helmasaur, you can use her Pegasus pair of shoes to dash by him, yet you must easily recover and also lift the pots before he can obtain to you. Alternatively, you deserve to use Ether to frozen him, or Quake or Magic powder to change him into slime, do him straightforward to defeat. When you successfully make that across, head best a screen.

You deserve to open the sweetheart chest here to gain the Compass. Then walk under either the the 2 staircases in this room to acquire down come the lower floor. You deserve to use her Lamp to light up the room if you’d like. There are a pair of Anti-Fairies in this room, for this reason you have the right to use Magic flour to revolve them into fairies and capture one if you’d like. A bunch the blue rupees can be uncovered along the floor, therefore be certain to seize them. At the bottom of the room there are two endowment chests, one containing some arrows and the other containing a tiny key. Take the small vital and climate head back up the stairs.

DO no go v the door that is in ~ the south end of the room. That just leads back to one of the large main rooms and we don’t need to waste the little key. Instead, walk back left a screen and use the small key to open up up the locked door here. This room is dark and is filled with a few green Kodongos, that will shoot fireballs in the direction of Link. Walk v the maze and at the northwest edge of the room, link will discover a endowment chest with some bombs. From the treasure chest, you can make your means to the southwest corner of the room, and also then the southeast edge of the room where there is a sweetheart chest include a tiny key.

Just phibìc of the small crucial treasure chest, over there is a cracked in the wall on the ideal side. Location a bomb and blow open up the hole. To walk on through and open the huge treasure chest to acquire the dungeon item, the Magic Hammer. V the Hammer in hand, usage the Magic mirror to go back to the dungeon entrance.

From the dungeon entrance, head up two screens. Currently that you have the Magic Hammer you have the right to use that to flip the opponent Terrorpins on your backs, revealing their soft bellies. Slash at them with your knife to loss them. Take the left pathway and also head up a screen. Take the left pathway and leap end to the large main platform. The opponent Hardhat Beetles deserve to be rather annoying here, along the Bumper in the center of the room. You have the right to use one of two people the Magic Hammer or the knife to damage them. As soon as they have actually been defeated, use your Boomerang come hit the decision switch. This will lower the blue blocks the were blocking the path. Walk right throughout the lowered blue blocks and also head right a screen.

Walk to the northeast edge of the room and lift the three skull pots. Over there is a floor move in the edge of the room, yet it won’t stay down. Connect will should pull the huge statue surrounding and have it stand appropriate on top of the floor switch. This will store the door open, so climb the steps and also head on through.

There is a trio that Goriyas in this room that winter your movements. The green ones are straightforward to defeat together you have the right to just face directly at them and shoot them with an arrow. The red one will shoot a fireball towards you if it directly faces you. The trick is to face the red Goriya, yet not directly in line. Shoot one arrow and then conveniently move left or right, so the the Goriya will move right onto the direction the arrow is moving. ~ two arrow hits the red Goriya will certainly be defeated and also the door will open, so head ~ above through.

There is a blade Trap moving rapidly in this area. Wait until it passes you and also then easily run to the appropriate side of the room. There is a statue here with a large eye. Pull the end your bow and also shoot an arrow at the eye. This will cause the wall to the ideal to move, revealing a staircase. Go on over and also head under the steps.

Use the Magic Hammer come smack the moles nearby, allowing Link come walk by. You can use the Hammer to flip end the Terrorpins and also defeat them as well. Stand close to the top-left part of the room and shoot an arrowhead or toss the Boomerang in ~ the crystal switch, switching which blocks are lowered. Use the last small crucial you have on the locked door and head left a room. NOTE: If you don’t have actually a tiny key, this is likely since you either missed one or offered a small crucial on one unnecessary door. Remember, there is a small vital in the room right before you acquired the Magic Hammer. Additionally, indigenous the dungeon entrance, the pathway on the ideal leads come a tiny key.

Defeat the lone Terrorpin in this room and then head down a screen. This room has two torches that attach can light v the Lamp, and also six Terrorpins. Loss all the enemies and then head appropriate through the door that opens up up. Press the top-right block downward in this room and then step right into the warp portal.

Walk up v this narrow area and also defeat the 4 Terrorpins that space in her way. Once you room ready, head on through the locked door to take on the dungeon boss, the Helmasaur King.

The Helmasaur King will certainly move roughly the room and has a selection of attacks. He will consistently swing his tail ago and forth, yet will occasionally swing that further, attempting to hit link in prior of him. The Helmasaur King will likewise shoot a ball of fire out in the direction of Link, which will certainly then separate into three separate balls. Each different ball will then split into four balls, always going in the 4 diagonal directions. The Helmasaur King likewise deals damages on contact, so try to make certain he doesn’t move right into you.

To loss the Helmasaur King, girlfriend must an initial remove its former mask. Attach can carry out this in two ways: by one of two people hitting him v the Magic Hammer or by blowing increase the mask through some bombs. The Helmasaur King additionally deals damages on contact, so shot to make certain he no move right into you.

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After the mask has been broken, a environment-friendly jewel will be revealed on height of the Helmasaur King. Link can now strike this jewel v his knife or shooting an arrowhead at it. It will take any combination of 8 knife strikes or arrows to defeat.

After the Helmasaur King has actually been defeated, be sure to grab the heart container to boost your complete health to 11 heart containers. To walk on over and also grab the an initial crystal to speak through the first of the 7 maidens.