A finish guide on traveling to Outland for people of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Burning Crusade classic players

The Dark Portal deserve to be discovered in the Blasted Lands


For burning Crusade Classic, friend can discover The Dark Portal in the southeast corner of the Blasted Lands in ~ 58.7, 59.2. To cross with the Dark Portal, your character will have to be level 58. Make sure you don’t take trip all the method to Blasted Lands simply to be kicked out of the portal!


In Shadowlands, The Dark Portal is situated in the center of the Blasted soil in eastern Kingdoms at coordinates 55.02, 53.96. If you talk to the NPC in ~ the phibìc entrance that the Blasted Lands, you deserve to go ago in time to watch the Dark Portal before the intrusion in Warlords the Draenor.

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How to gain to Outland native Stormwind

Now the you understand where the Dark Portal is stop talk about how Alliance football player can acquire there native Stormwind.


If you space playing burning Crusade Classic, you can obtain to the Dark Portal by taking the flight path native Stormwind come Nethergarde Keep. Indigenous there, that is a short run south to the Dark Portal. If girlfriend don’t have the flight path, you have to go v the Swamp of Sorrows and also into the Blasted Lands.


In retail, you can acquire to Outland by taking the Shattrath portal in the mage 4 minutes 1 tower. Here are the rapid steps to uncover the portal:

Enter the mage 4 minutes 1 towerMake your way to the height of the spiral stairsHead right and also take the second portal top top the right.

As an alternative, you deserve to talk come the Honor host Mage standing at the entrance to the tower. Upon connecting with them, lock will give you an choice to take trip to Hellfire Peninsula in Outland.

Here is a 50 2nd video clip mirroring you whereby the mage and the portal are located:

https://youtu.be/xhMu0qR-hIQVideo can’t it is in loaded since JavaScript is disabled: just how To get to Outland indigenous Stormwind (Retail) (https://youtu.be/xhMu0qR-hIQ)

If you like to acquire there by passing v the Dark Portal, you deserve to take the flight path native Stormwind come Nethergarde keep or fly you yourself to the Blasted Lands. Once there, you can talk to the NPC stationed in ~ the northern entrance of the Blasted Lands come turn earlier time to the burning Crusade era.

If girlfriend don’t carry out this, the Dark Portal you see is the one native the Warlords of Draenor expansion. Without gaining into the lore, the Dark Portal was opened up in the burn Crusade and also again in Warlords that Draenor. This is why you have to talk to the NPC to check out the burning Crusade version.

How to get to Outland from Orgrimmar

If you space playing Horde, friend will want to take trip to Outland v Orgrimmar.


The nearest trip path come the Dark Portal for Horde is Stonard in the Swamp the Sorrows. To get there, friend will need to travel to east Kingdoms through zeppelin native Durotar or through mage portal. Over there is a zeppelin tower straight outside the entrances of Orgrimmar and also to the east, which will certainly take you to Stranglethorn Vale.

girlfriend could also take the goblin delivery from Ratchet (in the Barrens) to Stranglethorn Vale.

Once you do it to east Kingdoms, you will require to discover your way to the Blasted Lands at the south-easternmost guideline of the continent.


As a Horde player, the fastest way to obtain to Outland is by acquisition a portal native the Pathfinder’s Den. This is the portal room that can be uncovered at the southern entrance come Orgrimmar. Here are the fast steps to find the Shattrath portal:

Head come the Orgrimmar Portal Room visible on your human being mapMake your means down the stairs and turn left at the 2 guardian magesContinue under the stairs to the reduced portal roomYou will certainly see number of portals. Shattrath is the first on the left

If you desire to travel directly to Hellfire Peninsula instead, you deserve to talk come the Thrallmar Mage standing beside the portal. He will offer you an option to report come the Dark Portal instead of going to Shattrath.

Here is the quick video showing you exactly how to discover the portal and mage:

https://youtu.be/JSSpfch9RewVideo can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: exactly how to acquire to Outland from Orgrimmar (Retail) (https://youtu.be/JSSpfch9Rew)

As a side note, if you take it this option, it will certainly teleport you come the Outland side of the Dark Portal, no the Blasted Lands. Additionally, the Dark Portal won’t take you come Blasted soil if you shot passing v it.

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Where is the portal come the Blasted Lands?

Blizzard removed the portal come the Blasted Lands throughout the fight for Azeroth expansion. It was changed with a portal to Shattrath City. If you want to obtain to the Blasted Lands, you will have actually to gain there by flightpath or fly yourself.

Final Thoughts

Whether you room passing v the Dark Portal for the first time or looking to revisit experiences in Outland, friend can get there easily.

Thanks to portals and also teleports in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, traveling to Outland is rapid in retail.

In burning Crusade Classic, girlfriend will have to make the operation to the Dark Portal at least once and also then set your hearthstone to somewhere in Outland (preferably Shattrath for straightforward portals back to Azeroth). As soon as you make it to Outland, the is time come quest and build rep because that those attunements!