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OK, ns spent about 15 minutes utilizing the search function here and can"t find the details I need. For this reason I have actually food, water, ammo, propane, etc, etc. And also now I"m onto barter items. (Yes, I have bricks of .22LR). Looking into miniatures of miscellaneous liquors.. No difficulty there. Cigs will be a vast barter item, at the very least for a while.How carry out I keep them because that maximum freshness? We have actually a Foodsaver, have to I usage that? Won"t the tobacco dried out and also become stale in the lack of air and also humidity? Or is that what provides them walk stale in the an initial place?Having seen firsthand the effects of nicotine withdrawal, I want to it is in there with the product when it"s in high demand. :thumb:

If her serous find out to prosper it. Or frozen snuff, countless a people chewed or dipped in the previous smoking was more of a thing world did close to the resource until modern-day transpot began its means forword.My me i have wondered around a trade path beef and grain goes east, tobacco and alcohal goes west...
They come sheathe in plastic so ns think vacuum pack should most likely work. Maybe keep em cool in a refrigerator or freezer.As a side note, if the apocalypse came and I was fiending for a cigarette, I would certainly welcome one old stale one.

I"d think the you would certainly either need to seal them increase airtight, or keep them in a humidor to keep them from dry out. Sealing them in mylar would take care of the airtight part. Tossing in a few O2 absorbers might aid too.

For all you smokers, i would imply storing part nicotine gum or patches for personal use. TEOTWAWKI is most likely not a great time to try cold turkey.
I constantly keep 4 cartons handy and rotate them with the freezer. They stay fresh, yet they"re hardly ever in there an ext than a month in ~ a time.Since you"re no a smoker, you"re obviously trying to find a much more long-term plan. Can"t assist ya lot there...I do imply that girlfriend focus more on alcohol and also less ~ above smokes, since the alcohol deserve to store much longer. Would be a bummer to keep them for years just to be can not to also give them away to your cigarette smoking friends due to staleness if the stuff never hits the fan. The alcohol will certainly still be great though!Duke
I personally would certainly bet her storing them for yourself and don"t desire to hear human being tell you the if you really think there will certainly be a SHTF then you just need to quit-now.If other happens and a nicotine addict is jonesing because that his drugs he won"t treatment if it"s fresh. If her really storing them because that barter simply throw "em in a box and also move on.
I"ve always had mine doubts regarding tobacco"s barterability. In the early component of a SHTF event, addicts are going to be wanting them pretty bad. But what can they possibly have that you need so desperately that you"d be out trying come barter in the many dangerous at an early stage days? later down the road, when things patience down, I number a lot of addicts are going come have broken the seeks simply due to the fact that they couldn"t acquire them or had to pick food because that their family over your addiction. Few are going to desire to start up again knowing they have actually no trustworthy supply.As things resolve in for the long term, tobacco growers are more than likely going to be wealthy, together people begin investing in their vices again. Most likely the exact same thing for alcohol producers.

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In the early part of a SHTF event, addicts space going to it is in wanting castle pretty bad. However what could they possibly have actually that you need so desperately that you"d be out trying to barter in the many dangerous early on days?
I know from taken a whole six months supply v me top top deployment. Keep them dark cool and well vaccuum sheathe this will store them for at least 7 months. The first one constantly seems off execute to the lack of air yet as the load gets waiting they go back to normal... Or I obtained use come it.
No one knows exactly how poor the crunch will certainly be, or long it will certainly last.My goal is to be fine diversified in commodities. Cover the bases so that if I"m not correct on one front.. I will certainly hopefully be extended on another.I have actually a emotion that at some point, for any type of one of numerous reasons, us will have actually a currency event. Look at history and what it speak us around these events.Hell, even basic items such together salt might be scarce. Think about where whatever on your supermarket shelf comes from. Across the country, right? just how many human being in my neighborhood are ready for this? None that I understand of. My boy or wife may need medical help or dental work while SHTF. How to pay? much better have other the doc or dentist deserve to barter with. Simply thinking..kfdiesel.. You have no internet etiquette and poor manners. Accusing me of lied on a article board, sheesh.. You shed the bet. I don"t smoke and no one in my household does. :whip:Thanks to every who have lent constructive advise!