I"m quite a pan of black Ops zombies particularly Black Ops 2, and also I have currently Rank 4, skull through knife, and I was wondering why ns haven"t got to rank 5 yet.

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I used to acquire taken down a lot in the early on games yet now with much more experience I have tendency to only go down perhaps once/twice per game with 1k kills.

The method I see it, my alternatives are:

Somehow reset every my stats and also start over (by deleting save, etc.)Create a brand-new account (not other I desire to do)Keep grind (it is even feasible at this stage? tips?)

A many of people suggest to calculation kill/death(down?) ratio, although others say this is not the major player in the location "algorithm".

My inquiry is how much the a grind i would have to do through the listed below stats, and if there is any far better way to gain to shotgun rank in BO2 zombies? I never ever reached a very high ring (40+) so ns kinda think it can be regarded that.

Kills: 263988Downs: 2529Deaths: 1426



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Jimmy Zielinski (former Treyarch manager BO1 & BO2 Zombies) make the complying with tweet back in 17 Oct 2013:

"The Ra k is ive", it ris and also lls bas ~ above ho ll y pl erall. I is ba onw ma dow ver y fin nd. Low nd dow cou aga y mo th dow in lat nds..."

This slightly surprise message in reality means:

The rank is alive, that rises and falls based upon how fine you playoverall. It is based upon how numerous downs matches your last round. Lowround downs counts versus you more than downs in later on rounds.

Further reading:

Ranking mechanism Confirmed!

Jimmy Z explains Rank

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It is based off rounds to downs. To obtain the shotgun you are required to have a round to down ratio of 20:1. The knife is earned at 13:1.


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