Hey males I to buy a coleman ct200u mini bike about a year ago and have had actually a blast through it. Just recently i took it out to a friends house and also I to be eating his dust. Iv"e clocked my rate at around 20mph top speed and id choose to get an ext out the it. My friends bicycle reaches to around 50-55 mph with me ~ above it, and I was wondering if that would be a opportunity on mine bike. I"ve been looking in ~ TAV2 kits and i watch they are an excellent for low finish torque yet I don"t know their effectiveness in raising peak speed. If anyone would have any kind of suggestions that would be great. If possible i"m do the efforts to stay away from replacing the engine or removed the governor.Thanks, Matt

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A TAV will certainly increase your peak speed. I"ve checked out reports that 40-45, yet I might only acquire to 30 on mine Baja through the stock gearing. Ns think you might get to 40+ if friend weigh less than me (220) and have a lengthy runway with simply a little downhill slope. A stage 1 kit from tasiilaq.net Warehouse will give you a nice rise in power also with the govenor. Have you backed out the throttle limit screw? Most people can acquire 24 simply by doing that. Just curious, what did her friend carry out to his?
Hey MJL many thanks for the information about the TAV. My friend has a baja frame that he placed a predator 212 and also a tav kit. That is approximately the same weight together you and also I would certainly say he only hits around 45 once he is riding. I weigh 140 pounds and I would certainly estimate i was going roughly 50-55. Execute you think this would be plausible through a TAV kit on my Coleman. If so carry out you have any kind of recommendations top top a details one?Thanks again

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The best hurdle is the shaft size. Some CT200s came through a 3/4 inch pillar (seems choose the enlarge ones) yet most the the more recent ones come v a 5/8 customs shaft. If you have actually the 5/8 shaft, (take off her clutch to find out) you will need to convert it to 3/4" or 1" somehow. There room a couple of kits out there from Go power sports and also I think tasiilaq.net warehouse has, or will have actually one, soon. Friend can likewise swap the crank out. There is a great YouTube video clip on just how to do this, but you need to open the engine case to perform it. Numerous just opt come swap the engine for a Predator, as it comes with a 3/4" shaft. The China do TAVs room cheap, I observed them top top EBay for $58 yesterday, and seem to occupational okay, but arrangement on gaining a different belt together the one castle come with is too tiny in plenty of cases. They additionally benefit from having the springs replaced with true Comet Springs. Additionally make sure you gain one v the 40/41 sprocket (also fits 420 chain). Plenty of just come through the #35 sprocket. I haven"t seen any kind of problems from trimming the backplate to make it fit, but there is one other on YouTube that only an installed his through two bolts to do it fit, and I wouldn"t introduce that.